Cocaine addiction, like all addictions, can cause havoc on a person's home life, finances and career. The problems that are caused by abusing cocaine are substantial and for many people have profound consequences. Cocaine addiction can lead people into a path of despair and make them unhappy. Therefore, dealing with cocaine addiction is very important because not dealing with it can have disastrous consequences.

Dealing with cocaine addiction today

Why do people use cocaine, and by "use" it is understood to mean abuse cocaine because there is no healthy use for cocaine, and other drugs? This is a complicated question in many ways, but it many other ways the reason is perfectly clear. People abuse cocaine because they are drug addicts and because the effects of cocaine are pleasurable for them. Unfortunately, the people who most enjoy stimulant drugs are the ones who are least able to deal with them. The reason for this is that addiction is a disease. It is a very real thing that plays out in people's lives the same way over and over again.

Why is cocaine addiction a disease?

There is often controversy when doctors and recovery professionals talk about cocaine addiction as a disease. People, especially the family members of the addict who were most injured by the addict's behavior, want to see addiction as a moral failing or consequence of poor choices. They do not want to absolve the addict of all the wrongdoings that have caused the family so much pain. The feelings of the family members in this case is perfectly understandable. But the fact is that cocaine addiction is a disease because it has uniform symptoms, just like any other disease, that present across all addicts. These symptoms of signs of cocaine addiction include physical effects such as cravings and withdrawal but they include other effects as well such as manipulation, lying, wasteful spending, using in spite of health and financial consequences and many other symptoms. The fact of the matter is that cocaine addicts will present these symptoms as surely as a diabetic will react to sugary soft drinks.

The sooner that the family and the addict himself comes to grips with the fact that chemical dependency is medical condition with definite signs and symptoms, the sooner they can begin to seek treatment and enter recovery from addiction. Think about that for a minute. On the one hand, the fact that a cocaine abuser has a disease means that they are not necessarily a bad person. But, on the other hand, it also means that their disease can be treated and they can get better. It is truly amazing to see what happens to families and individual addicts when the actually seek help for their substance abuse issues and begin to learn how to stay clean and sober.

The fact of the matter is that nobody has to use drugs. Drug use is a choice. But it is a choice the effects of which are confounded by genetic predisposition to want more and more of the drug until the addict is choosing riskier behavior in order to get their drug. In the end the cocaine addict will either get treatment at a drug rehab center and recover or their disease will kill them.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Most cocaine addicts swore to themselves long ago that they would never seek rehab for their addiction. They were determined to quit using cocaine on their own. No doubt they have tried. Perhaps they have attempted to quit fifty or more times only to fail every time that they tried. This is not surprising because drug addicts do not recover without treatment. The reason for this is that their brain is hardwired to work against them. If they do not learn how to re-train their brain then very few will ever succeed.

Yet drug rehab is remarkable effective for cocaine addiction. It is a shame that so many will die on the streets from an addiction that they were determined to beat on their own. The simple fact of the matter is that rehab works for those dealing with cocaine addiction. Rehab saves lives and those who are willing to give treatment a try get the chance that others can only dream of, that is the chance to turn their lives around and stop showing signs of crack use or cocaine use.

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