Right now people in the world are living on the foundation of the "survival of the fittest" and on the "hierarchy method". To reach the top, one person will not hesitate to push another down to reach a higher level on the hierarchy. A higher level means power and power means control. The fear of being controlled also makes a person want to climb. Thus each one has to work really hard with a high amount of stress and fighting instincts to be where they are.

If this is analyzed further, it is the expression of the 'Ego'. 'I am better than the next person'; 'Why should I be controlled? I will control him'; 'Am I lesser than him?". As long as humans keep saying "I", their thoughts and actions are always oriented towards the Self. As a result you have either an inferior ego or a superior ego.

The minute you start saying "we", you will stop looking at the next person as someone to compete with or compare with. When I say "we", it means whatever is your status, money or education, we are equal. A unity in diversity. By "we" I do not mean creating a group of 10 and saying "we". "We" meaning an 'oneness' with everyone and everything on earth. It dissolves power control and fear. You know the next person will not harm you but only help you. It means security. It also means being in sync and vibrating at the same level.