Low back pain is difficult to live with. Aches and pains in the lower back can be cured by being proactive. Years of improper lifting and poor body mechanics can cause low back pain.

Things You Will Need

You will need to stop ignoring your low back pain.

Step 1

Take action to cure low back pain I know it seems like lying in bed or sitting on the couch will cure your low back pain. The truth is you need to be active. Go for a walk, just do something to keep your low back functioning without causing any pain.

Step 2

Even as you are sitting at the computer right now you can do something to cure your low back pain. Tighten your stomach muscles and pull them in. This will take pressure off of your low back.
It is up to you to cure your low back pain, but it can be done. It will take time to cure the aches and pain in your low back but you can do it.

Tips & Warnings

Be careful when stretching to cure low back pain. If you experience any pain during a stretch then it is going to hurt your progress toward a healthy lower back.