Your Overly Attached Pet

That aggravating moment when you can not type on your laptop, you can not read your book, you can barely even sleep. Why? Because you have a tiny furry shadow. Be it a cat, dog, or anything else, animals have proven they can be quite dependent on their humans. And not just for food and shelter, they also depend on you for love. Unless your animals have playmates, and it is always suggested that they do, they are more likely to be attached to their owner. Because they are often alone, most animals crave human attention especially when it was the source of comfort in their young ages for either animal parents to human surrogates. And while we don't want to push our animals aside, they can start to feel overbearing by their constant attention needs. But there are a few things you can do to deal with an overly attached pet.

1. Don't ignore them

You never want to ignore your pet. When they ask for attention, give it to them. It makes them feel secure and it can prove to be a healthier and more productive distraction in the long run, especially for those with slightly busier schedules. If you aren't so busy, go ahead and roll around with them, pet and play. Indulge them. In the end they are bound to either get tired, or get tired of you. Either way, you gave them what they needed.

2. Separate Yourselves

If things are really out of hand, keep the pet away from you by being in another room or letting them roam outside or in other rooms. Although they may cry to be let out, its best for you. But do not leave them there too long. If you can, the best method would be to enter the room they are in and give them some attention before you return to your own space. That way they can keep cries and whines to a minimum. 

3. Other Attention Methods

Some animals are not necessarily looking for devoted attention. Some just want to be able to feel the warmth of a hand, or foot. An option is to use other things to pet them and accommodate their needs. Say your cat wants to be petted, keep them on the floor and use your feet and legs instead of hands and vice versa. Some others might just be relaxed by being in your presence, so set up a pet station where they can lie close to you without being in the way. 

4. Say No

Anyone can do it. But for some, that just might be too much to bear, for both human and pet. But one must teach them. Gently remove them from the work space if they are getting in the way and sternly say, "No". Slowly the animals might begin to get a sense of when it is the best time to ask for attention. If you can't say no, revert to some of the other options.

Those are some of the few ways of dealing with overly attached pets. Go ahead and give them a try and let us know if you have had an success or your own tips for dealing with our furry attention hogs.