Getting up early, making breakfast, driving the kids to school, taking care of the house chores, earning bread and butter, in short, looking after everything falls under the responsibility of a single mother. Being a single mother means you are taking care of education, clothing, food, utility bills, housing and health care costs.

Among many other matters to worry about, finance tops the list. A single mother who is not financially strong is often short on cash and the solution to her financial problem can be an answer to many issues. This is possible as, if there are no financial issues, it won't be a difficulty to afford a babysitter, and therefore, a single mother can write off worries babysitting her kids from her list.

Moreover, if you are financially stable, you can hire a maid who can help with house chores whereas you can concentrate on bringing bread and butter for the family. To experience a financially sound life for a single mother is not as easy as it seems. With the increasing expenses, it has become almost impossible to encompass all your needs with just a 9 to 5 job. Hence, a part time job along with your ongoing job can help you earn some extra income. The following are some ways in this regard which can be experienced from the comfort of your home.

A Child Care Provider:
There are many families who will want such a service at odd hours. You can start this work within your neighborhood by taking care of other's children over the weekends and earn some extra money. This option has a bonus as your children may get company too.

A Pet Sitter for your Friends and Neighbors:
This is a good way to earn extra cash. While people go on vacation, they will want a pet sitter for their pets. However, before you plan on doing so, you should ensure that the pet you will be taking care of is friendly. Pet sitting is a great option as doing this, you will fulfill your dream of having a pet of your own.

If you do not want to be tagged with the title of a babysitter, then this is a great option to stick to. Freelancing can be done from your doorstep and at times of your convenience, which means you will not even have to disturb your existing schedule. Such a job will include writing, typing, or even proofreading which is quite an easy part-time job.

Sell your Creativity:
Have you ever thought that you can earn money using your creativity? Well, if not, then it's really easy. All you have to do is consider the things you are good at and start doing so, with price tags. This means anything you are good at such as baking, painting, gift packing or even scrapbooking, start offering that service by charging people. This option has endless possibilities, plus this way you can earn money by doing an activity that you like.

Being a single mother you can use either one of these options or maybe more than one depending on the spare time you have.