Working on your own can be a problem wherever you work.There are also differences between working for a boss in an office as against working for yourself on your own at home.


Advantages of working for boss



  •  If you are busy the time will fly and you won't notice the solitude as much
  •  You will receive a paycheck
  •  If it is quiet the time drags and there is nothing you can do about it



Disadvantages of working for boss



  •  Working on your own can be very lonely
  • You do not meet many people
  • Less chance of taking time off as no one to replace you

Advantages of Working for yourself from home



  • You can start and finish when you choose
  •  You can take days or time off to suit yourself
  •  You can work your customers around family

Disadvantages of working for yourself at home

  •  No work no pay
  •  Interruptions from children at home
  •  Friends tend to call in for coffee
  •  It is lonely working on your own


Things to do to reduce the solitude

If you are working for a boss in an office there is not much you can do to reduce the actual solitude. You could ask the boss to supply you with a radio, if he won't then take a small one from home.Never have it up loud so people ringing in will hear it. If there is not enough work to keep you busy all day then use this time to write your letters.Do some crosswords or read some books.

You could also use this time to write some articles about your hobbies. Or if you have any knowledge that you could share with others then write a DIY or How to article on how to do something. Give a list of items required and step by step instructions.

Then when you go home you can go on the internet and join a writing site like Info barrel and upload these articles.The more you write the more chance you have of earning extra money outside of your workplace.

Google Adsense pays you each time when people click on an advert in your Info barrel article.No you will not get rich overnight although the more good quality articles you write the more chance of earnings will increase.And even if it takes a while to get started it is still working away while you are asleep. Even when you go on holidays you are still earning money while you are away.  Yes you can earn passive income from these articles for years to come.Not a one of payment, each time someone clicks it will slowly add up.

If you are working for yourself at home then you can still use the radio and if you are not flat out working you can also write articles and make money. Apart from that, if you have a laptop you could take that laptop outside in the garden and work in the fresh air.Make your phone calls while out there too.

If you are missing your friends, then take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to meet them for coffee. Or take your phone with you and meet them for lunch.Everyone needs a lunch break and you are no different just because you work for yourself from home.

If you work on a computer most of the day it is very important to sit up straight at the desk. Stand up and stretch every two hours, to revitalize and refresh your body.Also take time out to have a coffee, and have a bottle of water near your desk.

I hope this will give you a few ideas on how to break the monotony and solitude of working from home and on your own in any environment.