Create a new habit the NASA wayCredit: istock

When Your World Gets Turned Upside Down—NASA Can Help

In an effort to gauge people’s response to changes in the environment, NASA fitted a group of astronauts with convex lens goggles. The goggles literally turned their world upside down—the goggles flipped images so the astronauts were seeing everything upside down. The NASA research group set out to measure the subject’s physical and psychological response to this change in environment.

 The unexpected

 On day 26, something unexpected happened; one astronaut suddenly saw the world right side up and by day 30—everyone was living in a right side up world.

 This was an amazing discovery. Why? Because the research group discovered that it takes about 25 to 30 days to create new neuropathways in the brain. In other words, to create a new way of seeing things, new beliefs and new habits takes about 25 to 30 days.

 But it takes 25 to 30 consecutive days of doing something new before you form a new belief system.

 Subsequent experiment

 How do we know this? Well, in a subsequent experiment. The astronauts took the goggles off on day 15 and put them on again on day 16. This time, however, it took them another 25 to 30 days from day 16 for their mind to flip the image.

 So what does this mean to you?

 As a leader,(and believe me if you’re reading this, you are a leader) you start project after project and begin new ventures but quit after not getting the results you expect on the timeline you expect.

 But if you haven’t seen the results you expect as quickly as you expect, it is not because your ideas are bad or because there is something wrong with you—sometimes it takes time to develop that new habit.

 Whether you want to: lose weight, learn a new skill, work on your personal development, or wake up early — don’t quit, keep moving forward because your time is coming. And now you know nature’s timeline.

 Take Action

 Step 1. Think of a goal that you want to accomplish or new habit you want to form.(e.g.)

Wake up early

Regular exercise

Reading daily for 30 minutes

… Anything you desire

Step 2. Write down a single action you are willing to take everyday for consecutive 30 days without fail.(e.g)

Wake up at 5am

Get out of bed as soon as alarm goes off

Go for a walk everyday for 20 minutes first thing in the morning.

Step 3. Start tomorrow and for 30 consecutive days carry out your new habit.

 Remember if you don’t do it one day start over. But once you’ve done it for 30 days it is yours, you have mastered it.