Unless you happen to live in complete isolation under a rock, all of us will have to face the critics at one time or another in our lives.. This fact is ten times as true if you are or ever plan to be a famous celebrity as everything you say and do is constantly exposed by the media to the public eye.

There are a couple types of criticism and those are useless and constructive. Useless criticism is usually just some person spouting off insults with no real reason except to benefit him/herself and might leave one feeling bad or just very ticked off. Constructive criticism is often given more politey though it can sometimes come off a bit harsh but is always ocompanied by helpful tips and advice.

In this article I will show you how to best handle your criticisers and how they can actually be beneficial to your work. .

Things You Will Need

* A little patience and better confidence in yourself.

I say these things because the way in which you respond to criticism speaks volumes about how you yourself may be feeling on the inside about whatever it is you're trying to display or sell to others. If your first reaction to any negative judgements made about your work is to scream,cry and name call then perhaps somewhere inside you aren't very sure of your efforts. Be honest with yourself.Did you do your best? Are you truly content with what you've done?

Before ever reading/listening to the opinions of others about your product,relax, take a deep breath and remember that they are exactly just that. Opinions. Everyone has the right to their own as sucky as some of them may be. Anytime you put something out like that to be sold and or displayed it is automatically open to all sorts of judgement. You'll do well to always remember this before you even think of taking that step.

You could always just ignore the people that don't absolutely love and wish to marry everything you do but you also need to remember that some of those people are potential customers/clients so its very important to listen to what they have to say.

Useless criticism is one thing that can be overlooked as it is basically of no help to you at all hence being "useless".Reponses such as "Your book sucks" would be an example of this kind of criticism.You are left to wonder what it was about your book that this person doesn't like. More than likely this person never actually read it and just wants to get a rise from you. Its best to use patience with this type as they probably have a real bad life and need someone to vent on. Better putting down your work than beating up tiny, innocent bunnies in the forest I say.

Put your focus more on constructive criticism. An example of this might be a responder saying something like "Her acting in that movie was horrible.I swear it was like she was reading off a script.She was too nervous and needed to show more emotion". Not only are we informed as to why the person thought the movie was horrible but also have a few helpful tips to go with.

You can't expect everyone to appreciate whatever it is that you do. We all have different taste. I am certain that you have had a few choice words to say about things that you didn't like. Rudeness will always exist and so will the people that dish it out but you don't need to stoop to their level.That can make you seem very unprofessional. Thank you for reading this and I wish you good luck.

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