Have family visiting for the holidays?  I'm sure if they are anything like mine they might have started to get under your skin a bit.  Over the years I have found some creative ways to manage the stress.  

  First is my favorite, cooking goodies.  Everyone loves the sweet creations from the kitchen during the holidays.  What I normally do is start talking about an old traditional treat we used to make.  Remind them of the taste, the smell... Then in shock I realize I have all the ingredients to make said goodness.  Usually I can get them started and slip away with a "I see you have this under control I'm going to go check on the kids."

  Another trick I have employed is the errand run.  I will with much excitement realize that I am missing the all important ingredient.  In a brilliant moment of clarity I realize I can get whichever annoying person whom I need time away from to venture out in the foreign land they have visited to get the item.  Not being from here they will not likely return for some time.

  Now this is not a trick I have used but am familiar with as it was used on me as I was growing up.  They sleeping aid mickey...  What it is people is any sort of medicine, over the counter people nothing too strong, placed within their favorite beverage.  After a couple happily delivered cocktails of unconsciousness are consumed feel free to continue on with what you have planned.

  Last but not least is the work call.  This is the all time favorite of men across the world.  The call comes in and its the boss.  "Sorry everyone, Mr. Scrooge has called for me and back to work he said."  Now this may not work for everyone due to your job.  There are variations to this trick though.  It may be a request to go to the office.  Or you could play off the usual hatred towards bosses and complain how he is having you rush to buy the gift he forgot to get his wife/mistress.

  I know that this seems pretty selfish but the best holidays is a happy holidays and sometimes some of us need our space to be happy.  I hope I have helped a fellow space seeker.