Dean Commercial Deep Fryers: Big Fry

Dean commercial deep fryers are part of a proud family of world class manufacturers of commercial kitchen supplies called Frymaster. They supply high-quality fryers to global locations, and focus constantly on innovative technology to bring the healthiest forms of fried foods to your table. Their unique 'customer at the core' service philosophy constantly pushes them to greater heights of product and service excellence.

Dean Commercial Deep Electric Fryer

The Dean commercial deep fryers running on electricity is best represented by the SR14E, which is a basic electric fryer. It has a full size frying area which accommodates all kinds of fresh and frozen items. The submersed element maximizes contact with the medium, and makes for shorter heat-up time, and very low energy consumption per pound of food fried. There is also an intelligent snap-action thermostat that quickly makes temperature adjustments on the fly with changes in load conditions, saving wait time in between loads. The wide cool zone ensures that oil deterioration is kept to a minimum by trapping the debris beneath the cooking area, thereby reducing carbonization and contamination of the oil. The sloping bottom facilitates easy oil-draining and sediment removal. On the whole, it makes a perfect addition to the well-equipped commercial kitchen. A one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a five year warranty on the fry pot make this a safe investment.

Dean Commercial Deep Gas Fryers

Dean commercial deep fryers are most popular for their Natural Gas-run fryers, which boast a range of 17 fryers that are best in class, not only saving energy in many ways, but also providing standard fry capability. The unique Thermo-Tube heating tube design ensures high efficiency heat transfer from tubes to oil in the range of about 24,000 kcal/hr. The energy is effectively channeled to the oil, reducing heat wastage into the vent. Your set cooking temperature is quickly reached using the minimum amount of gas possible, which is great for gas savings. Their Thermatron solid state temperature controls ensure maximum oil life and quality integrity of the fried food. It can also tremendously reduce wait time in between loads, another time and money saving feature. There's also a system to control oil filtration and dramatically increase oil life, called the Super Cascade. The 4 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) and the 8 GPM pumps will encourage frequent filtration and thereby allow you to use a batch of oil for much longer without any quality loss or contamination. It also comes with optional Compu-Fry and CM4-S controls that can be used to set your temperatures and cooking curves for those 'just perfect' fried foods. Active temperature monitoring ensures that the least amount of oil is absorbed by the food, not only making it relatively healthy but also saving several gallons of oil per day in the process. Bone-in chicken frying need no longer be a touch and go process with the segmented computer that offers a whopping 9 settings for each food type. Energy efficiency is over 50% on some models which carry the energy star and enerlogic symbols. To ensure frying consistency, their versatile "fit the way you fry" system can link two or more systems together and allows additional filtration system to be incorporated into the oil flow path. With a sloping bottom adding the final touch, sediment and old oil removal is now a cinch.

The Best Bargains On Dean Commercial Deep Fryers

Dean commercial fryers are available either through the online retail stores option, or through local dealers in your area. Gas fryers start at about $885 discounted price. Most dealers will offer you free shipping and even some additional discounts to make you buy. Once you've selected the model you need, give the store a call and ask them if they have any specials on fryers; most will from time to time.