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Dear Federal Trade Commission

I Want HubPages to Pay 50% With Water

Confirmation the FTC Received My Complaint and My Profile Page on HubPages (posted without my consent)
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For My Friends

and Fellow Writers

In 2010, I began to write online, first on WordPress and then on Squidoo. I chose to split my share of earnings with Squidoo since I wanted to help charity. 

One of my first articles was about water - and our dire need for it, worldwide.[1]
Right now, California is in the midst of an unprecedented water crisis. And it is only going to get worse. Some of the most talented writers I've met online live there (like TanoCalvenoa, AstroGremlin, and Steve Kaye[2]).
I am writing this open letter to you, the Federal Trade Commission and fellow writers, to ask that 50% of any monies recovered from the Squidoo-HubPages business deal go directly to providing safe drinking water to Californians.
When I watched the following video, my jaw dropped. People need water to live and it's a human right.

The City Without Water

Published on January 14th, 2015

My Proof May Be Gone

Just a couple of days ago, the site owners of InfoBarrel told me, "We have a bunch of DMCA's right now for some of your Squidoo-HubPages stuff."
As many of you know, Squidoo removed their Terms of Service (TOS) and subsequent posts about the sell out to HubPages. I carefully documented and kept screenshot proof of the numerous lies former Squidoo authors were told along the way.
Including this article, I've written 31 articles which clearly spell out all that is wrong, unethical, and illegal about the Squidoo-HubPages buyout. Plenty of shills and trolls have tried to quash my efforts.
A few outspoken writers have had the guts to support me and I know I have silent supporters.
Seth Advises Paul How to Deal With Proof by RoseWritesCredit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved
But now, someone is examining my work with a fine-tooth comb. And according to my Google Analytics, this person is spending large chunks of time reading through my Squidoo-HubPages articles.
I have had to remove screenshot proof and provide quotes and links to my sources.
And I am aware these sources may disappear (or become hacked). Just like Squidoo's TOS did on the WayBackMachine Internet Archives.
I think the race is on to try and discredit me and pull as much of my proof offline so that the whole truth about the Squidoo-HubPages deal can never be known.
DMCA NOI Filed Against My Screenshots (Cartoon)Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved
Oh and did you know? Pinterest and Amazon also gave me a hard time when I submitted my proof to them about my identity and content being used by HubPages without my consent. Well, at least Pinterest half-complied.

This Could Explain Why Individual Authors

Are Experiencing Less Traffic From Pinterest Now

Tobi (Pinterest) Removed Only Pins and Not the Actual Phony Account Set Up by HubPages
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What About Amazon? And Should I Ask eBay?

In my latest article, Paul Edmondson: Ban Sousababy From HubPages, I documented what happened when I asked Amazon about my royalties from 277 of my articles still posted on HubPages.

You know there's going to be a problem when two customer service reps get involved. 

I Wonder How Many Times This Happens?

Paul E. Talks to Ms. J. Amazon Rep (Cartoon)
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Seems Amazon Likes to Protect HubPages

Behind the Scenes (Andy D. and Ms. J. Amazon Reps Chat) Cartoon
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Why I Am Writing This Open Letter

So now, I am asking you to hold onto your proof. Write down what you witnessed on Squidoo (or on HubPages). I have noticed that forum threads also get deleted sometimes.
If you are owed money, keep any email transactions you've had with either Squidoo or HubPages (and any dashboard or earnings page screenshots).
The Federal Trade Commission may need proof not only from me, but from all of the writers affected. I reported HubPages under the category Scams and Rip-Offs.[4]
A quick search of InfoBarrel will also lead you to additional articles about the Squidoo-HubPages deal (by other authors, not just me). There might be something in those articles that jogs your memory or that causes you to remember someone impacted by this business transaction.
If there are people that work (or did work) for Squidoo, HubPages, Amazon, eBay or Pinterest that could provide any assistance, please contact the Federal Trade Commission and provide them with your statement and/or proof.
You are always welcome to point to my articles in any of your correspondence.
Thank you for taking the time to read and share this information with other writers.

InfoBarrel is Getting Flak For My Proof Now

Addendum April 23rd, 2015

Paul E. and a HubPages Author Complaining About My Use of Her Article (2 Quotes) Cartoon
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Oh and I Know I'm Dreaming But . . .

Wouldn't it be great if the Edmondsons were ordered to deliver water to people as part of some "community service" (over any potential punishment)?

Sigh . . . a girl can dream.

If you wish to file a comment[5] on a specific matter under review by the FTC, you can. The Federal Trade Commission requests feedback from the public on proposed rulemakings, regulations, proposed settlements, and more.

Seth and Paul Deliver Water to Californians (Cartoon)
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