Death comes to us all

Death comes to us all but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most frightening things you and I will have to experience. Death can be peaceful but sometimes, it can be violent, frightening, prolonged and painful.

Are YOU afraid of death?

Unusual ways to die

True stories!

You just can't make these up:

A circus act in Romania ended in tragedy on 23 January when fire-eater Vlad Cazacu, 43, belched in mid-performance and was blown to bits.

Paderborn, Germany - Zookeeper Friedrich Riesfeldt fed his constipated elephant 22 doses of animal laxative and more than a bushel of berries, figs and prunes. The plugged-up pachyderm finally let fly. Standing next to his elephant, Mr. Riesfeldt suffocated under 200 pounds of elephant manure.

The Stoic philosopher Chrysippus reportedly got his donkey drunk and then died laughing at its attempts to eat figs.

How Not to Die

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Fear of Death


Fear of Death can cause:

Phobia (Thanatophobia), broken down into other fears such as fear of pain and suffering, fear of non-existence, fear of the unknown etc..
Feeling of dread
A multitude of physical symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shaking, dry mouth.

Do you have this phobia?

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. - George Eliot”

The different 'fears' of death

What do we fear exactly?

Fear of the Unknown

We, naturally, want to know what is going on around us; why does it happen, how can we understand it? The fact that no one knows what happens after death throws up all manner of problems and anxieties.

Fear of Loss of Control

We cannot control death. We cannot control when it is going to happen or how. We just know it will happens to us all one day.

Fear of Pain, Illness or Loss of Dignity

Many of us are frightened of how we may become/look/behave before death and at the time of death. We may lose our dignity.

Concerns About Relatives

We could be worried about what will become of those we leave behind. How will they cope? Will they be okay, now and in the future? How will they be financially and will anybody be around to help?

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What Happens when you Die?

Death to me

A personal view

"The fear of death seems to based on two things: the presence and certainty of death and the uncertainty of what follows. For sure, every culture and religion has its own version but these conflicts will never be reconciled, since nobody comes back to tell of the afterlife" - Fear of Death

Death frightens me, literally, to death. The thought that I may no longer exists fills me with dread. Yet, I also believe in the afterlife and reincarnation.

However, I do sometimes feel suicidal. But, this is not about wanting to die. It is wanting to be with someone important to me that passed away in 1986. Deep down, I don't want to die. But, depression can make me feel physically and emotionally tired of living. It is this conflict that I live with on a daily basis.

I crave the peace of death.
I crave the fact to be, again, with my Dad.

And, yet, I DO NOT want to die.

“Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death. - Annie Lennox”

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Death doesn't necessarily mean Death

Superstitions and Beliefs


Death represents a big change in your life, e.g. your career or your marriage. It signifies the ending of one phase and the start of a new one.

Signs/Omens or Superstitions

A person cannot die as long as any locks are locked or bolts are closed in the house.

The appearance of a white-breasted bird is a sure omen of death.

Dogs howling for no apparent reason especially at an open door are said to portend death.

Momento Mori

'Our own mortality both fascinates and repels us.' - Wellcome Collection