Have you been having a lot of dreams lately where either you or someone else you know was killed or died some other way? Death dreams, even though they can be very scary and when you wake up can still be very stressful, you should relax knowing that death dreams aren't a prediction of the future.

What death dreams are

When you have at night, your body is creating a story using physical, emotional, and subconscious feelings from your every day life. Thoughts that you may be too scared to have when you're awake can manifest themselves in your dreams. Death dreams are just symbolism of other events that are happening in your life.

In a dream, when someone dies (including yourself) its typically an indicator that something important has ended or a new phase has started in your life. If someone that you don't like kills you but plays an important part in your life (maybe a step parent, teacher, or someone else you know), usually that type of death dream signifies that you feel that they are killing a part of yourself (your innocence, the fun you had with other people, etc.) in real-life.

How do feelings play a role in a death dream?

Death dream interpretation involves looking at all aspects of your dream. Where was your dream located, who was in your dream, and what was your primary feeling in your dream? Unlike real life, every aspect and detail of your dream means something, if you remember that you were wearing a red shirt, that will mean something.

Emotion and feelings play an important part of what your dream means. If you are angry in your dream, in can reflect your anger in real-life towards an event, or it could also mean your resistance to a "new phase." Whereas on the other hand, if you feel melancholy in your dream, it could mean you don't like the change but you feel there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Dead soldier death dream

What should you do about your death dream?

Death dreams, while not as common as some other dreams, isn't that uncommon. Most people will have some sort of death dream at least once in their life and they live healthy and productive lives (without anyone dying).

If you have had a really bad death dream that is sticking with you (or is recurring more than once), write it out on piece of paper and analyze it. Think about everything happening in real-life and think about how those are playing out in the dream field. Sometimes interpreting your dream and make your death dreams start.

Finally, if you death dream is disrupting your every day life, or there are bad things happening in real-life that are causing those dreams, you should speak to a responsible adult or a therapist.