The COD community killing the franchise or the games themselves?

Hey guys,

My name is Tony this is my first blog article thingy and I'm an avid gamer with strong opinions on a lot of things involving, not only gaming but life stuff aswell.

So let's get started,

We all know tha Call of Duty is an extremely popular video game franchise and with anything popular it comes with haters. For me i still enjoy the games and will continue to enjoy the next installments however recent years has been a bit more negative towards the franchise and some people blame the game being "noob" or "camper" friendly, which are all familiar words to the gaming community. The game is far from what it was during the COD4 era which really brought the franchise to in popularity today, with all the kill streaks and face paced smooth gameplay we all know today. Adding on to what looks like an already perfect formula that COD4 brought seemed a bit to much with a lot more over powered features that many people take advantage ruining the game in some people's eyes.

Now that brings us to the community themselves, are they the ones to blame for the eventual downfall of the series? We all know Call of Duty isn't going to last forever and in the next few years there will be another games that we gamers are gonna rant about whether we love it or hate it. However, is the COD community speeding up this process? Lets not forget about the people in the YouTube community about COD, what the game has transformed now is a center of 10 year olds and younger only trying to get high K/D, MOABs or what seems that everybody hates, trickshots. It's not even about playing the game anymore, sure it might be fun getting those types of game plays but everybody trying to only do that does ruin the game for those who just want to play the game and have fun by winning the game's objective.

I think it's a complilation of all thes e things and more that might lead to the death of this franchise, many other people call themselves gamers yet only play Call of Duty and won't even give other games a chance.