Save Olive Ridley

The sea shore areas in and around Puri sea, has been turned into death place for rare Olive Ridley. In a sad state of incident, it has been seen that on Tuesday itself, more than 150 Olive Ridley died in sea shore areas of Puri. The entire route lies from Sanskrit University to Saikat Nivas of forest department. The total area among these two places are three kilometers and there more than 150 rare breed Olive Ridley died and their body was lying there with full injured scars through out their body. Olive Ridley came from all around the world in this season, to stay within five kilometers of sea and there they mate and to lay their eggs on the sea sand they came to shore. While returning to sea shore they had been caught in among trawlers and motor boats, and those Olive Ridley who has been caught in the nets, had been blinded by trawlers and motor boat owners and then threw them into deep sea.

Due to complete blind, they could not see at all and for this they had been facing fatal accidents and that is why they are dying in large numbers. So, these rare Olive Ridley, who has been reaching here Odisha coast from far and wide, has been facing these fatal consequences and all has been done despite completes ban of fishing in these areas. That is the prime reason why so many dead bodies of Olive Ridley have been reaching to Puri coast. What is sadder that between many of those Olive Ridley died , some of the, has been pregnant , so not only the mother Olive Ridley was dying but also with her its infants had to suffer these fatal consequences. Within ten to 20 minutes intervals there has been at least one dead Olive Ridley body floating with sea water and reaching at the shore and that site is the most hurting and many a times give the reminder that how come human be selfish so much so that it is destroying other innocent races in its greed for money.

This incident has been so cruel and heart –breaking that each day, the forest department engages ten people only to burry these dead Olive Ridley. It has been done in the areas where there are visitors so that will be no chain reaction to this, but on the other hand, there are place, where the visitors did not reach to that place as those places were very much lonely and there many Olive Ridley bodies has been there and no one reaches as there is no visitors so they did not worry about its reactions. Officials has been engaged with feast and has visits to Lords due to arrival of New Year 2013 , on the other hand , it seems that they do not have any concern for the dead Olive Ridley and also the reason that drove them to such and such situations. It is very sad that the office of these authorities are only within 500 meters from the sea but they are not seeing the real problems and also are not stopping the miscreants from entering to sea and do the illegal fishing activities there.

Near Puri town , the village Balliguhalli , is there and there the villager speaks the truth that these are the daily incidents and they have even decided not to react as it seems that the authority has been turning blind eye to their suggestions. It is very sad situation that in this year the number of dead Olive Ridley has been at the highest, it is now one somewhat worst record in the making, and many a times the authorities have been digging the dead Olive Ridley and has been saying that the number of dead Olive Ridley has been on the lesser side. Even the concerned department such as forest and the fishery departments have not been taking any such street action on these matters. According to leading Odia newspaper, Puri forest department officer, saying that they do not know anything about these Olive Ridley deaths and they said that, they were going to temple for the occasion of New Year and for this they will see this matter in detail in the next day. Other officials say that they will be making a through investigation in this matter and then they will able to speak in this matter in later time.

This year , to conserve Olive Ridley in the shores of Puri , there has been grant of 60 Lakh to the forest department , and this money had been specially granted by the state government to forest department to save Olive Ridley and also block trawler and other fishery motor boats from entering sea , and it was alleged by the nearby villages that forest department hardly makes patrolling and only few areas like that of Astanrang has only been covered so far and this tells the sad state of the affairs and for this the principal suffers has been Olive Ridley and it is our duty to save these rare breed Olive Ridley from ultimate extinction.