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 Are you thinking about becoming an InfoBarrel writer, but wonder if this is a good way to earn extra money? That is quite understandable. Many people want to be writers, but aren’t sure they would be good enough at it to earn any money. My past writing experience has been similar. Before I began writing on the internet, I wrote several short stories to sell to magazines. I did succeed in selling one children’s story that I sold for $50. However, once the story was sold, that was the last money I ever saw from it. There were no residual earnings to follow.  Recently, however, I got back the rights to that short story from the publisher and turned it into an Amazon Kindle book called, "The Parrot Trap."  It is exciting to finally be getting residual income from it.

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Today, there are many great opportunities to write on the internet.  How much can you earn? It depends entirely on how many articles you write, how much demand there is for that information, how much advertisers are willing to pay to have ads connected to your articles, and how willing you are to put in an extra 15-20 minutes after writing each article by promoting them on various backlinking sites to give them extra exposure.

If you are serious about writing online and want to be successful, you should definitely read a few books on the topic.  To you get started you may want to use this direct link to Amazon books that explain how to make money online.

I joined InfoBarrel in April of 2010, but initially only submitted a few articles so I earned very little money. Shown below are my direct earnings, just from Adsense alone and, later, from InfoBarrel's separate payment system combined with Adsense. These amounts do not include other income I earn online.  As a result of my experience here at Infobarrel, I have also learned how to earn money from other writing sites and my own blog.  Not only have I found other sources of Adsense income, but my writing experience has lead me to begin making Amazon sales.  The numbers that I have shown below do not reflect any of these additional revenue streams.   Therefore, what you see here is just the "tip of the iceberg" as far as potential income is concerned.  That is why readers would be wise to purchase a few books and read up on all the different ways you can earn money by writing online.  It has truly amazed me all the opportunities I have had online!

Income in 2010:

Total Adsense for 2010  -- $116.39 


Income in 2011:

Total Adsense for 2011 -- $741.87


Income for 2012:

Total Adsense for 2012 -- $899.67


Income for 2013:

Total Adsense & Inforbarrel for 2013 --   $682.67


Reflections on other online income: 

InfoBarrel made some changes, beginning in March of 2013, that caused my income to drop a little, based on combining its private accounting and what I earn in Adsense revenue.  HOWEVER, the numbers above do not reflect the Amazon income that I earn from my articles.  Since I use the same Amazon number on several sites, including Infobarrel, it is hard to break down the amount.  I just want to say that I receive an Amazon payment nearly every month in amounts ranging from $10 to $25 a month.

In addition,  I continue to be pleased with the success of my blog, Baby Boomer Retirement.  I am up to over 15,000 page views a month!  People from all over the world are now reading it and I have received a lot of positive feedback.    I hope a few of you will pop over and check it out. 

Unrelated to general Amazon product sales, I also now have six books for sale on Kindle Direct Publishing (direct link to Amazon books by Deborah Dian), and I receive direct deposits for these sales every month, too.  This is another income stream that some writers will want to try.  The books do not need to be long, but you do need to be willing to publicize them a little.  My books are all available in both Kindle and paperback versions.

With planned future growth in my InfoBarrel earnings, income from other writing sites that I have not included the income for (such as Squidoo, Bubblews and DailyTwoCents), my Amazon product sales, my blog, my books and and other revenue sources, I now earn approximately $300+ a month from all my online freelance writing.  What's more, I just do this as a little part-time activity in my spare time and while I watch television. As I continue to add more articles and books, who knows what the potential income could be in another five years?!

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