Are you troubled by your finances? Do you feel like you are drowning? That maybe you should get some debt assistance? Does it keep you up at night?

If you are looking to get out of debt fast, then getting debt assistance is one way. There are many agencies that can help, but many do charge a fee. But one place many people overlook is their own bank branch, where you can get free advice.

It is not easy to ask for help in these matters, you may feel embarrassed, or you just want to play ostrich and hope it will just all go away. Life can throw "stuff" at us, that can cripple even the best financial plan. It can happen to anyone, so nobody should ever be embarrassed to ask for debt assistance to get out of debt fast.

But there are a few things you can do yourself before you ask for debt assistance and that is to get yourself organized. Take a day, take a deep breath, and start searching the house high and low for every statement, every bill, and any financial papers.

Then take it all and place it on a cleared off table and get out a pad of paper, put on a pot of coffee or tea and get started. If you are someone who just couldn't open the bills, as the whole thing just makes you sick, this can be hard. But think of it as getting it dealt with, and just the act of organizing it and finding out just where you stand, will at least make you feel like you are in the drivers seat. That you are going to take action now.

No matter how horrible the totals are, just taking this first step is HUGE. Pat yourself on the back for this. As a bookkeeper, I have helped businesses sort out their finances, and many times just getting it all in a pile on the table, felt good to the business owner, who just was too busy to deal with it.

Getting debt assistance can help you, but you need to get organized no matter who helps you. They are going to need all the information to help you make the decisions or to set up a plan to get out of debt fast.

This can take up more time than actually adding up the credit cards, bills and loans! You probably have known for a while, that you needed debt assistance as you just couldn't keep up with the bills and payments. Then subconsciously, you stop getting the mail, or you just throw the bills in a drawer with the intent of sorting it out later right? You have been working hard all day, and you just don't have the energy to face it right?

Well look at this as financial house cleaning. You have to start somewhere. No matter how bad it may seem, you need to lay it all out.

Put all the credit card statements in one pile, and any monthly bills such as utilities or the property taxes or car insurances in other separate piles.

Now take your pad of paper and start with the credit cards. Take the latest statement, (the most up to date one) and write down the amount you owe, and then beside it the interest rate.

Do this for each credit card you own. Then take a look at your utilities and other bills. Have you been paying them in full? If not, these are something you should be looking at first. Write each of these on your pad of paper as well.

If you have not been paying your utilities, put a big star beside them. You are going to try and pay these first. As much as you want to get out of debt fast, you don't want your hydro or gas turned off!.

Now you need to write down your take home pay. Once you have everything written down, you may find that you feel a little better, perhaps it is not as bad as you thought it was, or if it is, at least you know. Knowledge is still better than playing ostrich when it comes to your finances!

At this point, you can take these organized piles and your written notes and call your bank for an appointment and see if you can get some debt assistance. You may find that the banking professional can help you come up with a budget to get out of debt fast.

The fact that you have everything organized, will make their job much easier, as they will know where you stand fairly quickly, and can help you come up with a solution. It could be a consolidation loan, or just some simple budgeting advice. Your local bank, one that you bank with on a regular basis, can help you with this.

But if after you lay out your finances on the table and start to really add up everything, you may feel that you can handle this situation. If this is the case, then what you need to do is set up a payment plan that you can afford. Many times, bills just don't get paid, because of a lack of time spent on your finances. You should set up a time at least once a week to look at bills, or at least on payday.

But which bills do you pay first?

If you rent, then your rent should be paid first. You need a roof over your head.

If you own your home, then the mortgage should be paid first.

Utilities next

car payment

credit cards

The reason credit cards are last, is because as much as they want your money and they will add huge amounts of interest (depending on the interest rates) they can't take anything away from you. If you don't pay your rent you can be evicted, if you don't make your car payments they can repossess your car. If you don't pay your utilities, they can turn off your lights and heat. So these need to be paid.

If you can't pay your mortgage, then you need to get debt assistance. Get to the bank that has your mortgage and work out a deal BEFORE you miss a payment. You know yourself whether you are going to be able to make that payment. So, make the appointment and get some debt assistance from the bank.

Once you get yourself set up, whether it is a consolidation loan, or some simple budgeting advice, you can then concentrate on your finances and get out of debt fast.

You should now put your finances at the top of your "to do list". Life gets busy, but you have to look at your financial plan on a regular basis. This way you will know if you ever need more debt assistance quickly before you get too deep.

So, if you feel it is all just too much, then get debt assistance from your local bank, and get good advice on how to budget your money and get out of debt fast.