Sometimes we make purchases without thinking. Impulse buying does not always mean that we buy for pleasure. Some purchases due to impulse buying may also be associated with business purchases. But there is one thing that always happens, before we know it we are neck deep in debt. Ignoring a debt crisis is one of the primary reasons for the financial meltdown.

Some people would just ignore final notices and would try to ignore help with debt crisis. But how to we get out of it? What do we need to do when we are in a terrible debt crisis emergency?

The first thing you need to do is to get your finances in order. You have to asses your assets and liabilities son that you will have a clear view of where your finances are. Here you can see how much you need to make in debt payments, how much you are spending, and how much cash flow you are taking in.

Most of the time, the reason why people are in a debt crisis emergency is that they do not see where all their money is going. A visual representation would give you a different perspective on your finances.

With your finances in order, you will be able to see your expenses, payables, and income in one big file. I suggest getting an MS Excel file so you just have to switch between sheets. Look at your debt payments first.

List them down and start prioritizing on which payments needs to be made regularly. When you do your prioritizing, you may do it by interest rate, due dates, or even the consequences as a result of not paying them.

You may want to prioritize mortgage payments on your house rather that paying credit cards bills, since if you miss on a payment on your house then you might lose your home.

You have to check on your expenses as well. Look at the things you are constantly paying for like bills and debt payments, then look at leisure expenses such as trips, shopping, and expensive dinners. Prioritize them as well.

You have to look for places where you can cut back on your expenses. You are in a debt crisis so you have to let go of some luxury expenses. The main thing right now is to make enough resources available to increase the money you can use for debt payments. Sacrifices need to be made.

There are also companies that provide debt crisis solutions. They provide services which include assessing your finances, giving you a long term plan that you can follow to get your finances in check, and also they can help you process papers and bank applications if you need them.

Sometimes our debt crisis is too big for us to handle. Instead of doing it by yourself and then be deeper in debt than you were previously in, it would be better to get professional help.

It is important to add that you must do your due diligence before finding professional help. Look for not-profits credit counseling companies that are not looking to make a profit off of your debt crisis.

If you are using a "for-profit" debt consolidation company, please research the company well before you make any decisions.