Idiot's guide to Debt Management

Everyone has their own way of dealing with problems and in that they come up with their unique ways to deal with those problems. And one of the most common problems we are faced with in today's rather busy and complicated world is debt management. Whether it is credit cards, personal loan or mortgage, when you go out looking for help in managing your debt, you need to at least consider the following points:

  • What is your debt to income ratio?
  • Is your debt with multiple organizations?
  • Have you sought help before?

Your debt to income ratio is the basis of your ability to obtain credit in the market. If your income to debt ratio is your ability to service any credit that you have. In simple words if you earn $100 and your debt repayment is $40, your income to debt ratio is 10:4, which to any financial institution is not a bad situation. If your income to debt ratio starts to go over 10:5, alarm bells should start to ring. Once you hit 10:6 or over, your ability to manage the debt yourself finishes and it is time you sought professional assistance. If you do go down the path of seeking professional help, you must remember that help would come at a cost and do you have the ability to service that help.

People mostly seek help with debt management when they have several lenders knocking their doors down for repayments and in that chaos one can easily lose track of what was paid to one creditor and what is due to another. This also means your ability to budget and allocate your income goes out the window. The best way to manage this is by combining your loans with various organizations to one organization and to have one lump payment servicing your debt. Having said that please also make sure you don't go out and borrow more from another lender to service your day-to-day expenses. The everyday term used for this practice is 'debt consolidation'. Professionals from debt management solutions companies will highly recommend this as the first step to what could be a rather very long journey.

It may come as a surprise but a lot of people initiate seeking help from professionals to manage their debt situation however they leave that help somewhere along the line. When the debt situation for any individual becomes slightly under control, they tend to think they can manage the whole process on their own and in that they usually manage to make the situation worse for themselves. If you have initiated the debt management through professionals, you will counsel and consolidate your debt in to desirable payments then it is highly recommended that you continue with them till you are or almost are debt free.

Remember, when you are going through this process of debt management, you must go through each step thoroughly and do everything in your ability to not only control but to eliminate your debt all together.

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