Don't be afraid of your local pawn shop! There is certainly a stigma about them. Shady, dirty, and located in poor areas, these shops can be very intimidating. However, pawn shops are in business to do business just like everyone else.

If your local pawn shop is corrupt, do you think they would still be open for business day after day? Unless there are weekly police raids, there really is nothing to worry about. You might be surprised at what you'll find!

Pawn Shop Business Plan

Pawn and jewelry shops buy low and sell high. Sound familiar? Of course, it does! The only difference between a pawn shop and Walmart is your chance to barter with the clerk. A pawn shop wants to buy your valuables for a fraction of the cost. You might be able to haggle a better price, but the style of business is certainly different than the much-standardized system at your big box store.

Another difference between your local pawn shop and corporate shop is the amount of unique items that can be hard to find. There is no question that you will not be able to find a rare antique gun, unique jewelry sets, or custom-made furniture at your local store chains. As for the shady business transactions, how long do you think a pawn shop would stay in business if it practiced poor judgment? As a matter of fact, most pawn shops require identification from each of it's patrons. That way, if an item turns out to be stolen, the police will have an easy way to find out who did it.

Decatur Jewelry & Pawn

Established in 1992, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has grown to expand into two locations; one in Decatur, IL and the other close-by in Mt. Zion, IL. Both shops are among the leading Illinois pawn shops, with customers traveling over 1000 miles to purchase rare goods. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn prides itself on integrity, honesty, and customer service! There's nothing shady about that! Decatur Jewelry & Pawn is also a member of the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in visiting, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn is home to a knowledgeable staff and has a large list of services, including:

  • Cash Loans: Bring in a valuable for safekeeping, and Decatur Jewelry & Pawn will give you anywhere from $10 to $100 dollars. A great service when you're in a bind!
  • Jewelry & Appraisal: Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has a full-service jewelry business that will sell, set, and appraise your precious gems. Extremely reliable and cost a fraction of the price of chain-jewelers!
  • Professional CD Cleaning: Bring your scratched CDs or DVDs in for a professional clean at a small charge. It sure beats re-buying your favorite movies or albums.
  • Ebay Listings: If you have an item you'd like to sell online, but do not have the time or patience to do the legwork, bring it into Decatur Jewelry & Pawn and let them sell it for a small commission.
  • Unique & Rare Items for Sale: Pawn shops are in the business to find valuable products, conduct research, purchase those valuable products at a low price, then offer them in their store for a higher price. Find antique furniture, rare coins, jewelry, and nostalgic items that are no longer made!
  • Firearms: If eligible, you may also be interested in purchasing firearms! From hand-guns to rifles, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn offers a great inventory pre-owned firearms.

Pawn shops offer many services that other businesses can't offer due to not having invested in knowledgeable staff. Though stigmatized, pawn shops are like most other businesses but deal in products that are generally more valuable than found at your average big box store. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn is a great place to go for a number of services! My wife went and professionally had her stone set into her wedding band, for a fraction of the charge that normal jewelry stores would enforce. The customer service was outstanding, prompt, and without a doubt; not shady.

Visit your local pawn shop and find cool stuff today!