The last few months I've kept up with my monthly InfoBarrel Info Reports and have maintained my master InfoBarrel Earnings page which highlights each month I've worked on this site in summary. It's been a fun ride over the past 13 months and December was not too bad either.

I started the month really looking for growth but alas my day job and personal life really stripped me of work time that I needed to be more productive. Despite this however I was able to put in a lot of quality work (just not as much as I would have liked) and in the end I saw another notable improvement in my overall online earnings across all sites and platforms, and personas.

As is typical I reserve these monthly reports for only InfoBarrel earnings and info so it's fair to note upfront that despite my overall monthly improvement my InfoBarrel results for the month of December 2010 were not so robust – in fact December was my first step backwards in earnings since I started in earnest in July 2010.

One could easily overanalyze this but to keep it short I'll assume that many of my trivial topic posts probably got far fewer searches in the search engines this month resulting in lower advertising competition and lower traffic, I forgot in November that you need 31 points to get the extra 5 percent revenue share bonus (I only got 30 points), and I didn't really add much new content to IB – only 10 new articles.

All in all however results weren't too bad – my page views were roughly flat over November despite the end of December slow down in web traffic but my earnings per 1000 views dipped significantly which I think is understandable for the time of year.

One major success I had however was the continual improvement I've had with Amazon here on IB. In October I made $0.99 on IB with Amazon and in December I made almost $90 with Amazon. In the future I plan on continuing to build this stream as I'd like to be consistently in the highest tiers of the Amazon commission structure.

A very recent post geared to Amazon to illustrate how I target this method of monetization is my article on cheap black tea in bulk. Another post which went live today geared to Amazon and to experimentation for learning sake was my article on the Homeless Guy with the great radio voice where I am experimenting on trend marketing. I honestly have no idea what kind of results an article like this will have with Amazon but it will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few months.

As I noted in my last earnings report some of my early techniques for making Amazon commissions on IB articles seems to work pretty good. The twilight constellation night light article which was my first Amazon article made a good $9.25 in the month of December compared to $11.19 as I reported on in my November income report. I still think this is a great way to plan for Amazon commissions. Yes, the built in Amazon box here is OK but the occasional contextual link or sig link are much better for clicks and conversions.

To summarize the month let me say the first ten days of the month was excellent for traffic and Adsense, the first half was excellent for Amazon and the back end of the month was holiday mode where everything tanked across the board as one would expect. I assume January will be much better.

My December 2010 InfoBarrel Earnings

Adsense - $313.36 (down from $375.16)

Amazon - $89.68 (up from $41.94)

Chitika - $65.54 (up from $63.83)

Total - $468.58 (down from $480.93)

As you can see Amazon and Chitika did well compared to previous months as traffic was consistent month-over-month and I emphasized Amazon in unison with the holiday shopping season and Adsense declined. Next month Adsense will likely rebound I just hope to keep forward momentum on Amazon and keep working my way up the commission tiers.

In January I plan on continuing to add Amazon product related content and may introduce another affiliate program into my earning mix here on IB. In spirit with the site not every article published should be affiliate geared so I will drop these strategically and use other related articles to both funnel traffic to the money articles and to send internal links to the money articles. It all of course depends on my time availability though as I have many other projects going on at work and online aside from IB.

As always I want to help out as many people as possible here on IB so make sure to get a hold of me if you are new in the forums and if you are only considering dipping your toes in the water here at InfoBarrel I hope you'll allow me to refer you in when you signup. From my profile page I have links to helpful posts on how to maximize your time on IB which I wrote both on and off site and I am planning a large tutorial on Amazon on IB sometime in the future… we'll see when I can get to it. In short some articles may pre-sell a product specifically, others may reference a product type, whereas others may simply drive traffic to Amazon by referencing the site itself or the customer reviews like I do on my IRenew Bracelet Review article.

If you haven't seen it before you may also be interested in reading my entire journey here on InfoBarrel from the beginning in November 2009 through now. I highlight my earnings over that time and what I worked on during that time. It may shed some light on how I use this site so efficiently. After all, my first 150 posts on this site made only $10 in the month of June 2010, all the rest of my earnings are really driven by my work on this site starting in the middle of July 2010 through today.

Big earnings here are possible and as I always say – you have to work hard to achieve them but if you put in the work the results will happen.