InfoBarrel Earnings

Plus Other Online Sources of Income

Between the holidays, my busy time at work and my passive income exploits online, I was pretty busy in December.  Being productive felt great and although there wasn't much money realized during the month with my efforts, I know that they will earn for me in 2013 and beyond.  Further, I will continue my updates on Squidoo (link in my January plans below) in one lens where I will be posting what I do every week to make money online.  

What Did I Do in December?

So how did December go?  Well, as I've mentioned above, I was pretty productive but not a lot of funds realized yet from my efforts.  

In my November report, I had mentioned writing for Bubblews.  I got so caught up in my Infobarrel and Squidoo efforts that I neglected to write anything for Bubblews.  Boo.  I did, however, continue to earn on Bubblews even though I wasn't over there much.  I also slacked off on all of my Swagbucks clicking so I earned substantially less there.  

On InfoBarrel, I published ten new articles, several of which were around a new niche for me, raw food for dogs and raw food chef certification.  I wrote enough to earn an extra 5% of Adsense share for the month of January so I'm happy with that.  The coolest thing that happened with InfoBarrel this month is that the admins rolled out a new Amazon link module where you can showcase products for your readers that match your topic.  It is incredibly easy to use and many of us IB writers are excited about this Amazon earning option.  I spent a lot of time adding Amazon modules to my library of articles on InfoBarrel in addition to writing the ten or so articles this month.

On Squidoo . . . I got carried away.  The first few lenses I made at the end of November took me so long to create!  Now that I've got 27 lenses to my name, my process is streamlined.  And creating lenses on Squidoo is just plain fun!  In particular, I've found the Squidoo communities on Facebook to be incredibly patient and supportive as I've tried to figure things out.  The bulk of my efforts will probably continue to be on Squidoo during the month of January.  Jaaxy continues to be the easiest and most fun keyword tool to use.  Did I mention it greatly reduces the time I spend doing keyword research?  I've been able to find low competition keywords with decent traffic with Jaaxy and as my Squidoo lenses (using those keywords found with Jaaxy) mature I'm starting to see traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I'd also mentioned that (inspired by Skeffling) I'd hoped to have my husband join me in my passive income efforts online.  Well, he was hesitant and then I remembered the magic formula!  I am the writer and he is the hands-on, design guy.  We're hammering out a deal (with each other lol) and tentatively it includes me writing more and him marketing his photography through sites like Zazzle.  I tried to make a few designs on Zazzle and I was hopeless and, since it was hard for me to deal with a learning curve on both Squidoo and Zazzle, I gave up on Zazzle.

Grand Total for December

Adsense: 8.44

Amazon: 3.21 (2.44 from Infobarrel links and .77 from Squidoo links)

Bubblews: 3.15

Chitika: .04

Swagbucks: 25.00

Total: 39.84

Plans for January

* Continue making lenses on Squidoo.  I'm currently participating in a 30 lenses in 30 days challenge. Halfway and keeping up so far--holla!   So I'll be making at least 15 more lenses in January--hopefully more.

* Publish weekly updates of the work I do to build a passive income online here.  I will also be doing my monthly earnings updates on the same lens as well.

* Start the husband on Zazzle. I must gather resources.  He'll have to read them and then hopefully he'll take off.

* Publish more articles on InfoBarrel--enough to meet the higher Adsense share requirement.  I didn't reach the highest tier in December so I'd like to do so in January but we'll see.

* Publish and weekly update my 52 Weeks of Passive Online Income lens as a way to be 'transparent' about my process.  

* Double my Amazon earnings (from 3.21 in December to 6.42 plus in January).  More than that would be better.  I'm not picky where it comes from--either InfoBarrel or Squidoo.

* While this might have to happen after I double my Amazon earnings, I would eventually like to get to earning from Amazon daily--as in someone clicks through and buys every day from one of my articles or lenses.  I see this as being achievable as I publish more in 2013.

For anyone who has read this far, I encourage you to keep setting goals, get the work done and continue learning.  This is the way we'll make 2013 a memorable year!