December 29, 1851

 Founded on June 6, 1844, the YMCA and the YWCA were started to provide housing and entertainment for young adults in a Christian environment.  Men and women were traveling to the cities, and the organization wanted to provide a safe, temptation free area for them.

 On December 29, 1851, the first American location was opened in Boston, Massachusetts.  By this time, there were YMCAs in nine countries. 

 Today the organization is worldwide, and although it attempts to instill a good moral character in the youth of the program, but without referencing religion.

Sun Yat-senCredit:

 December 29, 1911

 During the reign of the last dynasty of China, the Qing Dynasty, Sun Yat-sen was born the third son to a family of farmers.  As he received an education, some of it in Hawaii and later in Hong Kong, he grew dissatisfied with the conditions the Chinese people were living under.  He was involved in, and sometimes directly responsible for, several revolution attempts. 

 Finally, in 1911, while Sun was in exile in the United States, a military led revolution succeeded in overthrowing the imperial rule of China.  Sun Yat-sen returned immediately, and when the Provisional Government of the Republic of China was created on December 29, 1911, Sun Yat-sen was the Provisional President.  January 1, 1912 was declared Day One of Year One of the new Republic.

 He stepped down in favor of Yuan Shikai on March 10, 1912, under an agreement giving Shikai the position for getting the Qing court to renounce their claim to rule.

American Bomber B-24Credit:

 December 29, 1939

 The B-24 is flown for the first time on December 29, 1939.  Over 18,000 of these planes were built in six years for World War II use, making this plane the most produced American military aircraft.  This plane was of in many ways better than the other well known American bomber, the B-17 Flying Fortress, but it was harder to fly, so was not as well liked by the flight crews.  However, it greater speed, range and payload made it invaluable during the war.

 December 29, 1972

 During landing of Flight 401, the crew failed to realize that the landing gear was deactivated.  They were trying to find the cause of trouble with the landing gear position indicator system.  The flight slowly lost altitude and crashed in the swamps of Florida.  This was the first crash of a wide body, or twin aisle, aircraft.  Immediate fatalities were 101 with 2 more dying later.  There were 75 survivors, every one of which had some type of injury. 

 Some of the parts of the plane were salvaged and used in other planes, and there are stories of ghosts from the crash accompanying the parts and being sighted.

December 29, 1975 - Bombing at LaGuardia AirportCredit:

 December 29, 1975

 A bomb in the main terminal of LaGuardia Airport in New York City explodes killing 11 and wounding 79.  The bomb was the equivalent size of 25 sticks of dynamite.  Although there are many suspects, the reasons for the bombing and who did it still remain unknown.

 December 29, 2003

 Akkala Sami, a language that was spoken in a small part of Russia, becomes extinct.  On this day, the last known fluent speaker of the language died.  There may still be a couple of elderly people that can speak a few words, but there is very little of this language written down or recorded.

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