Passive Income Success at InfoBarrel

This was my first year blogging for passive income on InfoBarrel, and looking back I am glad I started doing this. While I haven't made a ton of money yet, I am consistently earning money every day now with little work required. Making passive income from blogging on InfoBarrel is not exactly easy to do, but it's possible. Below I will share with you my last month of blogging earnings on InfoBarrel as well as a year in review and some tips I have learned.

Without further ado, here are my December earnings and reflection on 2012:


Google EarningsCredit: Google Adsense

Google Adsense: $35.37 (record!)


Amazon: $5 (up from $0 in Nov.)

Bubblews: $6.39

RedGage: $.43

Total Earnings: $47.19. (Last Month: $36.66).


- Google Adsense Clicks -Starting to get clicks every single day.

- Finally getting Amazon sales. Would like to see more results from Amazon, however.

- Increased productivity. Click Through Rate increased to around 1.8 percent, up from a low 1 percent early in the year.

- Learned some keyword research and will try to learn more.

- (DEC) Achieved over 30 points in the InfoBarrel contest and submitted more than 5 articles to be featured, which increased ad share revenue.

(You get 85% Adsense Share. "For every eligible article published and submitted to our editorial calendar, receive an extra 1% ad share, up to a maximum of 5%." So you can get 90 percent adsense share each month.  Why WOULDN’T you take advantage of this? I am personally upset I didn’t do this every single month! The point system works like this:

  • 1 Point - 500+ Words
  • 2 Points - 800+ Words
  • 5 Points - 1000+ words

Winning a contest seems hard, but you should certainly take advantage of this opportunity! This article itself is over 1,000 words and will net me 5 points!)

- Getting 11 articles featured in 2012. It's not that hard! Add photos and write over 500 words, with no spelling errors, and I say you have a good shot. I've found this helps you get subscribers and followers on InfoBarrel and has a small effect on your earnings. It's also just really nice to be on the front page of the site.

What I Learned from Blogging on InfoBarrel

KEYWORDS - I started out writing about gold investing – but just writing articles on such a general, competitive topic does not work. You need to really search for less competitive keywords and write about stuff that is not as competitive.

For example, instead of just writing about gold now, I've been writing about gold stocks and ETFs that pay monthly dividends. These were sought-after keywords and far less competitive than "Best Gold Stocks" or "How to Buy Gold." I used Market Samurai to find low-competitive keywords.

LEARN FROM PROS - You are not trying to reinvent the wheel here. It's been done before. All you must do is follow and learn from the masters! Duplicate their success. Study their article (don't copy, though). This doesn’t just go for InfoBarrel but investing in general – real estate investing, stocks, etc. You should always be learning from those who have done it before.

GOALS For 2013

- End of year blogging income of $300 a month, a 1000 monthly percentage gain from current levels.

- Write at least the same amount of articles I wrote in 2011, and strive to hit 500.

- Start an account at Seekty to diversify.

- Increase income per article – productivity increase. CTR is already better at near 2 percent. Used to be just under 1 percent in the beginning.

- Start investing in real estate – buy an investment property that cash flows at least $300 per month! With the ultimate 5 year goal of $3,000 a month in passive income.

- Do better in the stock market – even though I’m not disappointed in my returns for 2012 (15 percent gain overall) I think could do a lot better. I could read at least 2 books a month on stock investing, real estate, and personal finance to learn more.

Other Potential Income Opportunities

Re-investing earnings here to increase passive income from blogging – I am considering buying articles from freelancer writers to leverage my writing here at InfoBarrel. Users like JCMayer offer their services for what seems like pretty reasonable prices ($30 for a 500 word article, for example). This would leverage my current writing.

This strategy could pay off big and is very similar to reinvesting dividends into a stock or mutual fund, for example.

Taking Online surveys – CashCrate is one site I heard is good for this.

- Becoming a Passive Income Money Machine!

Of course, the overall goal I have here is to create so much passive income that I can not only live off of it, but be able to re-invest some of it to increase the amount of passive income each month!

There are a number of ways to do this. Real estate is something I’ve been studying for the past 5 years and in 2013 I will finally be able to get in the game. I have no doubt that I will be able to buy an income producing property or a “Cash cow” that will produce at least $300 per month. The hard part is just taking that first step.

Then by the end of 2013, my goal from blogging online is to make a similar amount as mentioned above, and I think I will start selling off some of my more speculative stocks to put the money into dividend paying ETFs. There are a number of high paying ETFs out there that pay at least 6-7 percent in yield, with low expense ratios.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not planning on quitting my job or anything! But to have multiple meaningful sources of passive income each month to complement a full-time salary is definitely something I crave and will work hard for going forward.

JOIN ME on my quest to live off of passive income! Join InfoBarrel today and start writing, and I think in the future you will be glad that you did.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing more in 2013! Happy New Year to all.