It's not impossible to find decent quality cars under 1000 dollars, but it will require some work on your end. Of course, if price is the only concern, you may even be able to keep it under $500, but you sure won't get a high quality vehicle. You actually can find a reasonably nice vehicle, even trucks, at this price range, in many cases. It's going to require diligence to make sure you get a good deal, but it will pay off. Here's how to find decent cars under 1000 dollars in your area.

Repo vehicles for sale:

You can find truck or cars under 1000 dollars by checking out the repo vehicles for sale in your area. With the economy in a bad state, more and more lenders have repo vehicles available. Their loss is your gain. You can often find some great bargains on these vehicles. You can find trucks, sedans, coupes, vans and SUV's all waiting for your bid at the repo lot. This can really be your ticket to getting a nice car under 1000 dollars. Here's how you can find out what repo vehicles are available in your area, so you can buy the cars under 1000 dollars.

· Call the banks: There are likely a ton of lenders in your area that could have repo cars for sale. The search should go beyond banks, and into credit unions, and other lenders. If they loan out money, there is a good chance they have repo vehicles for sale. This could allow you to buy one of the cars under 1000 dollars. Check the local yellow pages section of your phone book, to see who offers loans in your area. Give them a call, and you could be riding a new truck or SUV in no time.

· Check the papers: Many repo vehicles are advertised for sale in the newspapers, each and every week. This is your chance to get cars under 1000 dollars. Go to your local gas station and grab every newspaper for your area. You will find many options. If you are willing to drive a little, you will find many cars under 1000 dollars just by checking out the repo vehicles.  You'll find more than just old junk cars for sale.

· .Drive by the lenders: You will find that many lenders don't advertise their repo trucks and vehicles for sale. This mean you may want to simply take a drive, and see if you can spot any vehicles with a for sale sign on their lot. You can find really nice cars under 1000 dollars this way.

Bidding on repo vehicles for sale:

Now that you know how to find repo vehicles for sale, it may be wise to understand the bidding process, so you can buy the cars under 1000 dollars. Generally speaking, the vehicles are sold by silent auction, with hidden bids. This means the bank is not showing anybody's bid. They may have a minimum bid as well. You want to make sure you don't overpay for the repo vehicle. To make sure you don't pay too much, try following these methods.

· Check the book value: This way, when you buy cars under 1000 dollars you can make sure you are getting a really great deal. If you pay too much, you won't be getting a bargain on your vehicle.

· Take condition and repairs into account: When you are searching for cars under 1000 dollars on the repo lots, you will likely be looking at some vehicles that need repairs. By taking the cost of repairs into account, you won't pay too much.

· Hear the vehicle run: Repo cars for sale should be tested, to make sure they run well. If you are not mechanically inclined, be sure to have a friend go with you that is.

· Odd bids: The key to winning silent auctions of repo vehicles for sale, is making bids over the normal amounts. Several people will likely bid 500. A few less will bid 550. What if you bid 577? If the repo vehicle for sale warrants the price, you can get a great deal. It's really the key to getting nice cars under 1000 dollars.


There are several ways to get cars under 1000 dollars, and there are several different types of government automobile auctions to purchase them at. Let's look at some of the types of auctions you can buy a new truck or SUV at.

· Government auto auctions: You can find really find nice cars under 1000 dollars at government auto auctions. Much like repo vehicles for sale, these are vehicles that have been seized from the owners. This gives you a chance to walk away with a really nice new ride.

· Sheriff sales: This is yet another way to get cars under 1000 dollars. You can find some really nice vehicles that have been seized at sheriff sale auctions. You will be surprised at how cheap many of the vehicles are sold. Some sheriff sale tips may help you out.

To really get a great deal at auctions, deals that rival repo vehicles for sale, you should follow a few simple rules. These rules can help you secure cars under 1000 dollars that you can be proud of.

· Bad weather: If it's going to rain, snow, or be miserable outside, don't skip the auction. When other people skip the auction, there are fewer bidders involved. This means less competition, and an increased chance of getting cars under 1000 dollars.

· Set a cap: Never allow yourself to get caught up in the moment. Whether you are at auction, or bidding on repo vehicles for sale, you must make sure you don't exceed the maximum you are willing to pay. Find out the book value, determine what you are willing to pay, and stick to it. You will be rewarded with cars under 1000 dollars this way.

As you can see, there are several things to consider when you are attempting to purchase cars under 1000 dollars. Whether you try to buy the vehicle at auction, or check the lenders for repo vehicles for sale, you will have some options. If you put some time and effort into it, you really can find decent cars under 1000 dollars.