You've looked over all the types of protein powder out there, and you've decided that hemp protein is the best.  After all, it is the only plant with a complete source of protein and a rich mix of essential fatty acids, fiber, and minerlas.  However, before you choose a specific brand of hemp protein, there are a few key factors you must take into consideration. Making a decision based on one thing alone, such as the brand name or price, will likely lead to a suboptimal outcome. Of course, since hemp protein is the highest quality protein in the world, no matter what you choose you are guaranteed to derive some benefit. But if you want to get the most for your money, time, and effort, then you will need to make a choice based on the whole set of attributes.

Most people prefer foods that taste good, although many people are also willing to give up some taste in exchange for superior nutritional properties. If all you care about is nutrition and can sacrifice some taste, then you should purchase pure hemp protein. These pure proteins come in either regular or "Hi-Fiber" varieties. In the former, 50% of the powder's weight is protein, but in the latter, some of the protein is foregone for extra fiber. So if you are someone who needs more fiber, then the Hi-Fiber option will be better for you, but most people would probably benefit more from the full 50% option. For those who are really trying to put on muscle and are willing to spend extra for more protein, then there are hemp protein powders with a 70% protein content. If you cannot afford or do not like the taste of the 70%, then the 50% will definitely still get the job done.

In the case you don't need to ingest huge quantities of protein at once, then you can swap some of that extra protein for taste enhancers. Specifically, there is a line of hemp protein products from Nutiva known as HempShake which meet this goal remarkably well. They come in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Super Berry flavors, and all of them are absolutely delicious. People have been known to eat scoops right out of the box and enjoy it, without even mixing it with water or milk. These products have additional ingredients to give the powder a different consistency as well as flavor. Best of all, the shakes are not sweetened with sugar, instead relying on more natural and low-glycemic sweeteners, making them still suitable for after workouts. Of the different flavors available, Super Berry is nutritionally the best. In that formula, not only do you get the protein, you benefit from a wide variety of phytonutrients present in the berries used in the ingredients. It also tastes amazing.

Chocolate would be the second best, as it has some of the antioxidants present in cocoa, but vanilla does not have any additional benefits besides tasting better than the regular formula.

Whatever decision you make, the important thing to remember is to keep your protein intake consistent. It can be easy to miss days, and it's okay to do that occasionally, but the best results are seen when you stick to a routine and ingest 30 to 45 grams of hemp protein a day. Then you will be certain to get an adequate amount of protein along with all the other healthy nutrients in hemp, such as the essential fatty acids and minerals.