We grow up with our pets, they become part of our family, and we love them, this is why the deciding whether or not to put your pet down is one of the most difficult decisions a put owner has to make. Your pet may be of old age, sick or injured when the time for this decision comes.  Making this decision is hard, you need to decide if you want to keep your pet alive for your pet’s sake or for your own happiness. You also need to ask yourself several other questions before you come to the appropriate conclusion for you, your pet and your family. Here are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself. 

What is my pet’s quality of life?

Quality of life is very important when making the tough decision to put your pet down. You need to ask your self what is my pet’s quality of life? Some things to consider when thinking about this question are: mobility, eating ability, breathing, incontinence, and mental capacity. If your pet can no longer do things that they use to do such as: eating on their own, using the bathroom outside or breathing normally, they may not have a great quality of life. 

What is my pet’s level of comfort?

You also need to take into account your pets level of comfort. When determining your pets level of comfort you need to decide if your pet’s discomfort and pain can be treated or lessened. If this is not the case and if your pet is in pain most of the time, and cannot be treated their quality of life is not good. You need to think about if you want your pet to suffer in pain and discomfort to still be here with you. 

Is treatment available for my pet? 

This is often a question you need to ask when you have a pet that is injured or sick. Often times there are medications, or surgeries available to save your pet or greatly improve their quality of life. However, often times treatment is not the answer for your pet, it may not be effective, cause side effects, or severe emotional stress. If this is the case you need to decide if you want to go through with the treatment, start palliative care, or put your pet down.