Freelance writing seems to be a very popular topic to write about no pun intended there. Anyway right now as you read this article there are many websites and companies that can pay you to take the time and write articles, opinion pieces, and even stories because why? Well one reason is the Web needs new and fresh content for people to read. Although I am sure there are many reasons why this is the one I want to discuss and explain a little about what I have found searching online and why you could make money being a freelance writer.

We are currently in what is called Web 2.o what that means is the internet is evovling so to speak and web sites, blogs etc need writing to grab the reader's attention. I found this very neat to read about online and I am sure if you were to input Web 2.0 you will find more info on it for yourself. So knowing this now might help you the reader understand there is a supply and demeand for writing. I see freelance writing as a way to not only express yourself to others but also to teach someone something they may have never known without reading what you are sharing.

Now with this in mind one must also keep in mind there are many freelance scams out there as well so one way to protect yourself is to lookup a site and do as much research as you can before jumping in and writing a bunch of articles or whatever type of writing they are asking for.

Another word of advice from me would be to take a computer class and a writing class to improve your skills so you can achieve goals as a freelance a little more quickly than to learn on your own. Writing on the web is a little different than writing for a newspaper or magazine. There are so more subjects you might want to look into as well before you take the jump into becoming a freelance writer. Some suggestions I have are the following areas, keywords what are they and how do they effect writing online. Second SEO which is a very imporant part of writing online as well. With all this being said keep all this in mind when deciding if a being a freelance writer is something you would like to do for living. I also want to share a few sites which I know do pay but are worth checking into if this is something you have been really thinking about as a career. is one site that is great to earn money from as a freelance writer. There format is based upon how to articles so make sure you understand what that is before jumping in. is another site of mention as well. There format is a little more open however every site has their own rules and terms so make sure you read them where ever you sign up to freelance.

In closing becoming a freelancer has it's ups and downs but either way I feel you must enjoy what you do in order to suceed at it. Take care and thanks for reading my article on this subject.