Congratulations on trying your hand at becoming an writer on InfoBarrel! Writing online to earn extra money is a very rewarding experience-at least it has been for me. Sharing your expertise, your interests, your hobbies and your passions with the world is no longer just in printed form that you hold in your hands-the internet has made it possible for anyone who wants to write to share his or her thoughts with the world.

If you are serious about making this a career path for yourself, then you will need to decide a few things along the way.

Juggling Work and Running Your Home

Treat your job at home like a job

It is very easy to get distracted working from home. The television, the phone, errands and housework can interfere with the task at hand, which is earning money.

The reason I choose to work from home is the flexibility it provides for me as a Sandwich Generation woman. Taking care of my mom and my own family requires time that a regular teaching job could not provide for me. But I cannot cave into the "flexible" part and just take off on a whim or let everyday life get in the way of my earning goals.

For three weeks in August, my kids will be in camp all day. Because of the extra time they are away from home, I am putting my writing goals full speed ahead. Instead of doing some cleaning and laundry early in the morning, I will save it for later in the day,when my hands and my mind need a break.

Time lost can never be recovered. Take your work at home job seriously if you wish to make any kind of serious money. Decide on a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

You Can Write Anywhere!

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Keep and Edit or Delete?

How to manage your online portfolio


How to Manage Your Article LibraryCredit:

I have five-and-a-half years worth of online work on the internet. I continually add articles to various sites as I test the waters to see what kind of article is earning on what kind of site. Should I revisit a relationship with a site that has old articles and update them or should I add new articles to see if a different approach works?

I have been writing on InfoBarrel since January 2010.. It has been my mission for the new year to update older articles to make them workable for 2015. What worked in 2011 does not get ranked anymore. I am seeing positive results for certain updated articles...using Pinterest has certainly helped, along with a more natural, less SEO kind of writing approach.

The fallout from 2014-2015 in the online content world left many of us dazed, confused and ready to leave the scene. The decision to edit older articles became much easier because I had hundreds that had to find new homes. Updating them once I had removed them from a site fulfilled my goal, but also left me unsatisfied. 

I am looking forward to IB 4.0 and the exciting future of what this site will be about. I want to write about so many new things!

How Much Personal Information Should You Share?

How Much Information Should You Share Online?Credit:

Photo from Pixabay

When I first started writing online, I was very nervous about putting anything specific about myself on the internet. Using a name or a picture makes it very easy for someone to find out where you are.

No, I am not paranoid. It is just insanely easy to find information online about people. 

So I chose the triple mommy moniker as my username and for better or worse, it has stuck. My married Italian last name will never be shared, nor will my specific location here in the United States or my photograph. If Google wants to penalize me for not showing my image, so be it.

My older daughter has no issues sharing her image on her articles and “About Me” pages, but I believe that this is a generational thing. Young adults today know nothing about a life before Caller ID, microwaves and digital images that can be deleted and retaken in an instant. Privacy is an unknown entity to today’s youth, who share every living breathing moment of their lives via social media.

Should You Share Income Reports?

Should You Share Your Income Reports?Credit:

Photo from Pixabay

One of the things that kept me motivated during my early years as an online writer who jumped for joy over ten cent clicks was seeing the income reports from other InfoBarrel writers. I knew that someday I could be just like them!

But a funny thing happened on the way to earning a living online. Those who were so generous to share income reports and popular keywords were thanked by having their articles duplicated all over the internet. If you share that you make thousands a month, people are going to check out your online writing and the unethical will take a sample or two for themselves.

Years ago, a successful online writer was showing his audience how he grew a website from the bottom up. Every detail was shared, and it came as no surprise that someone copied his work word for word to compete for this niche, especially since he was making a nice chunk of change!

I follow a few blogs where income reports are shared. I find them informational and motivational.

I Love Freebies!

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Should I Stick With It?

Probably the toughest decision you will have to make is whether or not you plan on sticking around. One look at an old forum thread brings back names and avatars that have not been seen in quite some time. Some people give up altogether and others write somewhere else. What you plan to do depends on what your purpose is. Are you writing for fun money, to pay bills, or to replace your full time income?

These are just some of the decisions you will have to make if you wish to work online as a writer.