As my hubby and I downsized and moved into our older 50s bungalow in town, we came up with many plans to make this house more like a home for us inside and out.  One thing that was attached to this house was a very robust deck with wide ugly railings.

I didn’t realize though, until much research that you can get deck railing planter boxes for wide top rails.  These are ones that sit on top of the railing and hug it with the cut outs so that they will stay in place.  These are a great way to decorate your deck.

I had gone to many garden centers to see about hiding this ugly railing, but found many railing planters that would fit over the traditional 4 inch wide top rail and not the wider 6 inch ones.  I was disappointed and went about hiding the corners of this deck with floor planters and other decorations.  The problem with this brilliant idea is that they took up a lot of room on the deck and when we had people over they would have to get moved.

I wanted something to dress up this deck and something that would not easily fall off or be knocked over especially in bad weather.  By utilizing the railing you can add beauty without taking up the room.

Deck Railing Planter BoxesCredit:
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If you get enough of these, you can line them up along the rail and create a living wall.

Deck Rail Planters

So, I was researching online for some other great ideas for the outdoors this year, when I came across these planters that had the option to attach to a 4 or 6 inch rail.  Since mine are 6 inches wide I was excited.  These containers have the option to fit either one which was perfect for what I wanted.

They fit very snuggly and if you get enough of them, you can completely cover an old rail top with pretty flowers.  If you get hanging flowers and vines, then the railing will be turned into a living wall.  This is the perfect way to disguise any ugly railing.  We have to have them for safety but you might as well make them look great right?

Once I brought them home, I put them in place then I went about adding a few stones for the bottom to help with drainage and good potting soil and then my flowers.  This is easier than trying to fill them on the ground and then trying to lift them to the railing.  So place them where you want them to be and then fill them.

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They fit snuggly and can slide to anywhere you want them to go.  I started off with just 4, but will get a few more this year and have them run into each other to create a living railing.

It will be a long time before we can replace this deck.  It is in perfect shape, just not styled very well, so the best you can do if you have a space like that is to work with it and disguise the parts you don’t like the best way you can.

You can get planters that hang off the railing with supports, but I didn’t want to do that, I wanted them to sit right on top.  So, these deck railing planter boxes are the best way to do that.  They are secure and fit snuggly and once they have plants in them, they will stay put.  Mine survived many nasty windy thunderstorms without moving.

There are lots of ways to dress up and disguise any ugly areas in your yard.  Flooring is a big one too and so check out outdoor floor tiles as another option.