Skateboarding has been one of the most popular outdoor sports of all times, skateobarding is incomplete without the right deck. A deck is a deck and is no different than its counterpart; if this is your notion then you are wrong. They may look same, but the subtle differences make the world of difference to any skater. Ultimately it all comes down to the needs as to why you intend to purchase your deck. There are various styles of skateboard decks available in the market- the measurements all vary from style to style of a skateboarder. A board that you purchase should be the one made for you, it should be the perfect tool to perform on any terrain you want. If the deck is not the right one then all your tricks may fall flat.




Deck Measurements and how they are taken


Length - Measured from tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

Wheelbase- Measured between the inner truck mounting holes.

Nose - Measured from the tip of the nose to the closest (outer) truck-mounting hole.

Tail - Measured from the tip of the tail to the closest (outer) truck-mounting hole.

Three main forms of decks available are-

  • Street Decks: They are the smaller sized models available in the market today, roughly around 7.5" wide and 31" long. Best suited for street tricks and high maneuverability.
  • Pool Decks: They are just wider than street , typically around 9" wide and having the same length.
  • Longboard decks: Longboard decks also known as Downhill decks have the largest assortment in shapes and sizes. They don't have a set designated length of the board, and the deck is significantly longer than any other boards. They can be as wide as a pool deck or as narrow as the street deck. Long boarding is one of the most popular expert level tricks. The length of the board plays a significant role when it comes to performing a stunt downhill.

With the popularity of the skateboarding soaring to new highs, As a result; various brands of skateboards come up, such as Sec9 Channel 9. Plan B skateboards, Zoo York skateboards etc. Make sure you determine your needs and make the right choice.