Solar Post Lights

Decking lighting is one of the best additions you can give your deck.  It enhances the night time with a soft glow and if you use solar decking lighting, then you do not have the hassles of having to run wiring or the cost of electricity for having your lights on.

Deck lighting solar, or solar garden lighting has soared in the last few years, as the product gets better and better and totally affordable.  The lighting options you now have are huge, so take the time and see what is on the market.  Each year there are more and more to choose from.

Any decking lighting should also look good.  You don’t want to be spending thousands on your deck, only to look cheap and cheesy with cheap looking lights! But you have to decide the type of lighting you are looking for.

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If you have a covered deck, then you will like the idea of a outdoor chandelier, that is low voltage and wired in, but if you have an open air deck, and especially if it is not attached to your house, but maybe further down the yard, then deck lighting solar is what you are going for.  The styles of the solar deck lighting are gorgeous compared to just a few years ago.

One of the more popular ways to light up decks or walkways or bridges or just whatever you have that has 4 x 4 posts built into the project is with post cap lighting.  These are square solar post lights that literally screw onto the top of your post.  Whether the railing of your deck or your fence such as pool fences, anywhere you have a post you can use these solar post cap lights.

When they first came on the market, they were pretty basic post cap lights, but now you can get stained glass effects such as the one pictured.

This is a beautiful way to not only enhance your fence or railing posts by day, as they look beautiful, but also by night as they emit a soft glow. 

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Getting decking lighting is a big decision, especially if you need to run wiring, but if you are willing to check out the deck lighting solar market, then you are going to be pleasantly surprised at all the latest is designs and styles that are on the market this year.  Solar lighting has freed up homeowners from the hassles of underground wiring from the house, it can be placed anywhere where it will absorb light, and they don’t have to come inside in the winter, they are built tough enough and still absorb daylight in the winter to emit some lighting.

If you have a deck area or patio that is away from the house or a walkway or bridge over that stream, you can add these lights.  You can have them right on the house if you want too, as long as they can absorb a few hours of daylight during the day.

You can head to your local garden center to see what is available in the deck lighting solar line, but you may find that the biggest choice will be either at a lighting store (since outdoor lighting has become big business) or you can shop online at such sites as Amazon.

Shopping online for your decking lighting and especially deck lighting solar post caps is a great way to find totally different designs.

Your deck posts or fence posts don’t have to be boring, you can add these beautiful solar post caps in these great stained glass designs so that by day, they look like a piece of art, and by night they light up your night.  Also see outdoor gazebo lighting to find out more great ideas to light up your yard.

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