Declutter your life and make a fresh start. Get your priorities right and cut out the stuff that does not matter. Decluttering your life is about taking back control and grabbing your life back again.


Nobody else cares about your life priorities. You are the only person who can decide what to do with your life. For too long you have been running your life according to someone else's priorities. It is time to grab your life back again and set it running the way you want it to run.

First you need to sit down and write down, in a notebook, what your life is actually about. Write down the three things you most want to do today, this week, this month and this year. You will need to keep your notebook to hand, so you can remind yourself about your priorities until you have internalised them.

Time Management

Think about everything you do in a day, from lazing in bed in the morning to going to sleep again at night.

Here is the kind of thing you might come up with:

  • 5am Woke up, dozed not really asleep, trying to raise the energy to climb out of bed
  • 7am Eventually climbed out of bed and had a shower
  • 7.30am Watched the News on TV with a cup of tea
  • 8.30am Cooked breakfast, watched the News on TV
  • 9.30am Phoned a friend
  • 10am Went shopping
  • 1pm Home again. Shopping needs to be put away
  • 2pm Lunch. Watched News on TV. Dozed off for 20 minutes
  • 3pm Start thinking about dinner. Find something to cook
  • 4pm Dinner on. Cup of tea, watched TV to chill out after an exhausting day
  • 5pm Dinner. Chat
  • 6pm Watch TV
  • 7pm Watch TV
  • 8pm Watch TV
  • 9pm Watch TV
  • 10pm Go to bed

This might appear extreme, but when you write it all down you realise how much time is wasted. Time you will never have again. This was time you could have been building your reputation or relationships, thinking or helping others, earning money even.

Do something constructive with every minute of every day. The only constructive thing in the timetable above is the 20 minute nap! Stop watching television news, there is nothing you can do about it and the news they show is only a snapshot of everything that is happening, selected by a panel of television news producers for maximum audience appeal.


Are you happy in your job? If not then try to find another way to earn a crust. There are opportunities to earn money all around you. Start your own business. Write articles on the Internet. Sell stuff on eBay. Start an Amazon aStore. Sell your knowledge as an ebook. Start a website.

Are you the underdog at work? It's time to become more assertive. Learn some elementary body language. Buy some new clothes for work and become a new person, one who speaks and walks differently.

Do others play power games? Dissociate yourself from these people. People who are obsessed with office power games are to be pitied. That is their whole life. Just do your job, do it well and refuse to play. Never talk about a work colleague behind his or her back, even in an oblique way.

Opt out of drinks after work. Opt out of all office socialising, it leads to deteriorating work relationships, which will affect your efficiency at work.


Do one room at a time and you can have your whole house decluttered in a week.

Take a couple of large boxes into a room. Empty every junk drawer into it. Put every ornament into the "limbo box". Every horizontal surface should be totally clear. No make-up, no socks, nothing.

Leave everything in the box for a week. If you have not used it in a week, you don't need it. Bin it. At the very least tip the whole plastic box into a cardboard box, label it and put it in the loft or garage. You can always sell it at a yard sale next summer.

Find permanent homes immediately for the things you take out of the "limbo box".


Are there people in your life you would rather not spend your time with?

Take control. Delete their phone numbers from your phone. Stop ringing people out of a feeling of obligation. If a "friend" does not make you feel good, stop contacting them. These so-called friends are only using you to make themselves feel good. Never play power games at all, but especially not in your private life.


Make time for yourself. Your health is the most important thing you have – Work on improving it. Do you sit reading a newspaper at lunchtime, surrounded by people you would not choose to spend time with? Go for a brisk walk, whether it is raining or not. You will return recharged and re-invigorated for the afternoon, rather than lethargic and depressed after an hour of back-biting and office politics.

Chill out for an hour before you go to bed. Eat meals at times that suit your body. Avoid alcohol. Stop smoking. Start an energetic hobby, whether it is paddling a dragon boat or gardening does not matter.

Time Management

Look back on your daily time use sheet.

What could you do in those two hours you used to lie in bed in the morning? Make phone calls, tidy the yard, do the ironing or go for a walk. You could use that time earning a part-time income, even.

What can you do instead of watching television? Television eats time. Every hour spent watching a television program on your own or that you will not remember afterwards is one hour of your life gone; wasted. You could learn a new skill; take a course. Acquire new knowledge, either by reading books, watching documentaries or talking to people.

Once you have new skills and knowledge you then owe it to society to pass on your newly acquired skills or knowledge.

What could you do instead of going shopping? Do you really NEED all that stuff? Could you go shopping once a week, shop online or just do without.

It is time to reassess every single aspect of your life.