Decor for bedrooms helps you create a relaxing space in your home. It can change the way you feel about your house. If you just do little touches of decorating and organization you can learn to love the home you live in instead of constantly waiting for "Someday, when I get my dream house." To be happy with your space.

Bedroom wall decorating can be sophisticated even if you just have paint to work with. Take a print from your bedspread, such as a flower, and enlarge it onto your wall. You don't have to be an artist you just want to take the most basic outlines. Paint it a shade or two darker than your wall to keep it sophisticated.

Redecorating bedroom ideas should incorporate the pieces and colors that you love. Despite what designers will tell you, it's ok to like beige. It's ok to like traditional. It's just that you need to put thought and effort into a beige bedroom so that it's interesting while still neutral. Bring in silver accessories in the form of chairs, desks, lamps and picture frames. Use texture to create interest. Layer different white fabrics on the bed, you can even include a throw. This creates an opulent look that says you're so elegant that you don't even need a bright paint color.

Bedroom decor furniture should of course focus on the bed. Your bedroom may lack elaborate details and architectural elements. It's not like a living room where you know that the focal point is the fireplace. The bed is probably the biggest item in the room; therefore it should be the focus. You can invest in a mirrored bed frame for an old Hollywood style or mimic the look by using faux silver leaf over your existing frame. You'll need to choose a rich wall color so that the mirrored frame really pops such as eggplant or a cocoa brown. You'll also want to draw the eye toward the bed with opulent linens in rich colors. If your keep the room too light and neutral the mirrors will just blend in, instead of showing off your unusual design aesthetic.

If you don't have a headboard or your headboard doesn't make a statement then build a canopy. You'll want to be aware of any fire concerns as some people think that canopies are a fire hazard. You can make a makeshift canopy by painting the space behind your headboard a different color then the rest of the wall. Install art lighting at the top and hang a few of your favorite photos. Then build a small frame that you can hang a valance from and have a curtain on either side of the bed. This is a more modern take on a canopy; it uses less fabric so it's not as fussy as traditional canopies. Keep the linens on the bed bright white for a contemporary touch and so that the canopy stays the focal point in the room.

Bedroom colors should be restful but you can still make a statement. If you want a warm color such as coral or orange then bring in lots of white. Use white bedding canopies and paint the ceiling beams white. Use gauze curtains on the windows and give your furniture new life with a distressed white look. You can even paint a metal bed white with spray paint. Then just look for a muted oriental rug that has softer tones of your wall color.

Bedroom decorating themes can give you a design direction or just completely miss the mark. Theme decorating is easy to get carried away with; your room may feel cluttered and full of knick knacks. You can take your favorite elements of a theme and make them modern. If you want a lodge look, keep it contemporary. Spray paint any deer antlers bright white and pair the accessories with a bright white platform bed. Add a natural touch with a sisal rug and grass cloth wallpaper. Keep the room neutral, while still brining in that homey touch, with chocolate brown bedding in a Southwest print.

Bedroom decor design can take care of problems in your house without needing a complete remodel. If you have paneling in your room, paint it so it becomes an asset instead of a liability. The paneling will add interest to the walls and create a cottage feel; just be sure and prime properly first. Try a deep taupe or medium gray to tone down the paneling. Pair it with rich burgundy bedding. If you're using a damask comforter you can pull the metallic color out of the fabric and use it for the wall color. Just use the color straight instead of going with a metallic which might make the paneling over bearing.

Your bedroom can also show off your love of travel. Place a large oriental screen behind your bed. Keep the rest of the furniture chic. Oriental design was popular back in the Mad Men era, so you can use the same shapes but more updated versions. Look for an upholstered headboard and oversized vases. Just keep the look modern by using contemporary colors like pewter and white.

You need to find balance between the masculine and the feminine in a room. If you want a purple bedroom, then use gray and cream with subtle purple accents so it doesn't look like a teenager's room. If you want a lodge bedroom keep it chic. Use a gray wash on wood walls and flooring. Bring in a charcoal suede headboard for luxury that still keeps within the theme. You can even create a seating area with one feminine and one masculine chair in the same color palette to show off the juxtaposition. The same rule applies to his and hers nightstands.

Decor for bedrooms can solve problems in your space. You can makeover your existing furniture and bring in new, fresher colors to change the way that you feel about your room. Since it doesn't involve tile, wood floors, or countertops bedrooms are one of the least expensive rooms in the house to remodel. You can just repurpose items you already have in your house to create a sanctuary.