If you want to decorate on a budget, in the bathroom, but just don't know where to start, then try this:

Paint the cabinet hardware and Paint the bathroom accessories

Both of these decorating projects can make a huge impact in the look of your bathroom, without spending hundreds. Details make a big difference. Sometimes just a good clean, and clear off the counter tops or create little baskets for makeup and other clutter can make a huge difference. Pair that with painting the cabinet hardware and bathroom accessories and you will have what seems like a new bathroom, and will have decorated on a budget.

This is what you do:

1. With a screwdriver, remove your drawer pulls and cabinet knobs

2. Lay them out on a old cloth or something to protect the area, if you can do this outside or in a garage or something this would be better.

3. Clean them well and if they are super shiny, give them a quick sand to dull the shine a bit, this helps the primer stick better and keeps them looking good for a long time. You don't have to sand the color right off, just knock off the shine a bit. Make sure and clean off all sanding dust and dirt. (It doesn't matter if they are plastic you can paint those too! just get the paint created for plastic finishes)

4. Spray lightly with a primer. (You can get spray paints designed just for this type of project at your hardware store, Krylon is one brand of spray paint this works really well for these projects). Give at least 2 light coats of primer, rather than a heavy one, or you will risk having runs in the paint.

5. Spray with your finish coat. Give it two coats with time to dry in between. (try and use a primer color close to your finish color so that you don't have to use too many coats of the finish color)

Now do the same with your bath towel rails, and loops you may have hanging, or any other metal style accessory. This can also include picture frames, or mirror frames, get creative.

Once everything is really dry, reinstall it again. If you can swing it in your decorating budget, maybe give the walls a quick coat of paint while you have the accessories and hardware off the wall, and clean the cabinets well while you have the hardware off. Even those metal shower hooks can be painted. This all makes a big difference. If you can swing it, try replacing the bath mat and purchase some matching towels to give your bathroom a updated look.

Now put everything back together, and you will be amazed at how great your bathroom will look. To decorate on a budget, you have to look at small details rather than the big picture, as enough small details will actually create the big picture!

You will have what looks like a new bathroom. Clean, clutter free (find a place of things that tend to be strewn around, such as small baskets for hair brushes, or makeup) and updated hardware makes all the difference. To decorate on a budget just means getting creative and doing a bit of research in your hardware store paint section.