One of the ways in which a decorative touch can be added to any window treatment is also a functional item that allows the curtains to be held open in a more attractive fashion. Curtain tiebacks are useful little devices that are used to keep the curtains open after they have been drawn. They are available in a range of different styles and are made from different types of materials, each providing a unique appearance on the curtain.

Tassel tie backs are essentially loops of cord that has been finished with a knot and a decorative tassel to add an interesting look to the curtain. They work by either being attached to a wall fixture or by simply looping over the wall fixture and then being passed around the curtain to again attach to the fixture. The result is a set of curtains that are held open so that they look even on both sides of the window and the decorative tassels on either side give it a more polished appearance.

If a single tassel on either side of the window is good then double tassels are even better. Double tassel tie backs work in exactly the same way as the single tassels except they are more elaborate and they create a more impressive display when they are tying back a curtain and on display.

There are other ways in which curtains may be tied back through fixtures that have been attached to the walls. These are often metal tiebacks made from brass, iron or bronze amongst others. It is possible to simply buy purely functional tie backs that resemble nothing more than hooks over which the curtains can be draped. Other tie backs are far more decorative and may be used as a feature with the intricate engravings or molded surface providing a source of artistic delight for all to see.

Older specimens such as antique curtain tie backs take you back to the years when they were far more commonly used. Not only were they seen in more homes, both opulent and otherwise, they were generally created as a feature that would stand out on the walls to provide an additional indicator of wealth.

When buying tie backs for your room you may choose to simply match the colors within the room or on the curtains with the fabric of the tie backs. These tie backs won’t necessarily be particularly expensive but they can still look elegant if they complement the curtains that they are holding back.

The type of tie backs you use may depend on the room in which you will be using them. In some cases a set of antique tie backs will look conspicuously out of place while in others, too much color could be seen to be gaudy. The range is broad enough to give you the freedom to choose tie backs that will suit both your room and your personal taste.