decorative shower door

Tired of a plain, clear shower door that becomes water spotted with just one morning shower?  Maybe you're not the daily squeegee type and you're sick of looking at the water spots. For many people privacy is an issue and they would prefer to have a door you can't see through.

Decorative film is the solution to both these problems.  It is available in a huge variety of styles, textures and colors. This is not the thin variety used to tint windows, but a heavy gauge product. And it doesn't require an installer. The film in this photo has a cut glass look that's very hard to tell from the real thing until you touch it. It requires no special care once installed and the best news yet - it's inexpensive and easy to apply yourself.

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How To Install Decorative Film

1. Completely wash the door leaving no soap or cleaner residue. Remove any water stains too.

2. Measure the glass in your door and add 1/2" to all sides. Cut a piece of decorative film to the new size.

3. Add 1/2 teaspoon of mild detergent like dish-washing liquid or baby shampoo, to a squirt bottle filled with water.

4. The film comes with a peel-a-way backing. The easiest way to separate them is to attach a piece of scotch tape to both corners, then pull the pieces of tape away from each other.

5. Lay your cut piece down on a clean surface with the backing facing you and peel away the sheet a little at a time. Spray this adhesive surface with your squirt bottle as you remove backing. Do not leave any dry spots or the the film could accidentally stick to itself when you move it.

6. Spray the adhesive generously with the water solution. Also spray the solution on the door to be covered. This should be the outside of the door. Never apply the film inside the shower. Spraying both surfaces prevents the film from sticking immediately and gives you time to move it into the correct position on the glass.

7. Place the film on the glass and spray the decorative side with the solution. Using a plastic card or squeegee, work from the center of the film out to all the edges, removing air bubbles and solution. Be sure the surface is flat to the door before going to the next step.

8. Use a razor to cut the excess 1/2" film from the edges. The edge of the film should meet the edge of the glass. It's best if the cutting is done in one stroke if possible. Lifting the blade off the film and putting it back down may create a slightly uneven edge. A yardstick pressed against the edge can be helpful.

9. If you see any bubbles after the cutting is done, move them out to the nearest edge using the plastic card. Also use the plastic card to be sure all newly cut edges are flat to the glass. The film takes a few days to dry completely.

Sometimes called wallpaper for windows, decorative film for your shower door can be found through many dealers online by searching "shower door film".

Supplies You'll Need For Installation

Decorative Film

Squirt bottle


Razor knife

Plastic Card or squeegee

Scotch tape

Baby shampoo