How to Decorate Your child's Bedroom With A Superhero Theme for Under $300

  Your child is enthralled by superheroes - Superman, Batman, Green Hornet - any and all superheroes!  You want to decorate his bedroom with a Superhero theme yet you are on a limited budget.  How can you accomplish this without breaking your bank?  Here are some ideas that can help you put together a superhero themed bedroom for you child that he will love without going broke.  These ideas should not add up to more than $300, if that much. For some families, that might be a lot but you don't have to go that far.

  Let’s begin with the walls.  Posters of your child’s top favorite superheroes can be purchased, along with two or three frames.  Many frames can be found in the ten to twenty dollar range, depending on size.  Good wood frames will cost higher; a less expensive frame will work just as well in your child's room.  If you stick with two or three and alternate the posters, you can have as much variety as you want.  Another option would be to paint a wall mural - all you need to buy are the paints, brush, and perhaps a few stencils for accuracy.   These can be found online at places such as Wish Upon a Mural. where you can buy huge traceable wall murals where you trace the outline which transfers onto the wall, and then paint it in!  They range from small ones for five dollars up to around thirty dollars for the largest.  If you are not allowed to paint the walls or don't wish to you can buy peel and stick lifesize superheroes from twenty to thirty dollars.  This might be a good idea if your child is more centered on one superhero or team as his idol.  At places such as The Border Store you can find wallpaper borders, decals - all sorts of peel and stick items with superhero themes.  If you are really talented you could even sew a superhero style cape that can be displayed on the wall!  Patterns for these capes can be found online and in sewing and fabric stores. Also, you could have your child draw some pictures of his favorite superheroes and make a posterboard mat to frame it.   An inexpensive collage can be put together from magazine pictures of superheroes.

  Bedding is another area to add to the superhero theme.  Your child needs bedding  - choose a superhero theme for sheets and comforters. Add a few throw pillows with Superheros or their icons on the bed.

  Once you’ve taken care of the bedding and the walls, where can you go from here?  Small accessories to add to the theme - perhaps a scatter rug, a trashcan, a framed mirror with favorite superhero characters on the frame.  A lamp with a superhero would also go well with the room theme.  Some plastic figurines to go on a dresser are also inexpensive ways to decorate - these can be found for any superhero characters.

   A superhero themed bedroom for your child is one decorating idea that can easily be accomplished when on a budget!  And your child can fall asleep at night knowing the world is a little safer in the hands of his heroes!


Decorating a Teen Girl's Bedroom in an Oriental Theme

  If your teenager is fascinated by all things Asian, she might want her bedroom to reflect an oriental theme.  Asian culture is popular among some teens who enjoy anime, manga, video games, and Lolita fashions.  Or, she might just appreciate and like the style of Asian decor for her bedroom.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to give your teenage daughter the oriental theme she desires for her bedroom.  This can be done even on a limited budget. 

First, find out if there are any special aspects of Asian culture that your teen would like to incorporate in her room.  This could include cherry blossoms, kimonos, oriental art, dragons, buddhas, panda bears, or even tea sets and chopsticks!

  Decorate the walls with Chinese symbols or any of the themes your teen would like to have in her room.   Oriental floral or sealife themes along with other symbols of Asian culture are available in decals and artwork for decorating the walls. Places such as Oriental Decor, which can be found online, have a selection of affordable wall prints and scrolls.  If your budget allows, purchase a Japanese or Chinese silk painting that appeals to your teen.  Oriental wall fans, with beautiful Asian scenes, make an affordable wall decoration.  A bamboo frame for oriental artwork adds a perfect touch to an oriental theme. 

  Shoji screens make wonderful room dividers.  One could be used to divide the sleep area from the rest of the bedroom.  Bamboo window blinds for the windows offer beautiful oriental designs.  Tatami mats or bamboo rugs are a stylish way to accentuate the floor.  Woven banana leaf accent furniture is available in anything from plant stands to chairs.  A small bonsai plant in the room, if your daughter has a green thumb, can be displayed on a low table in her bedroom.  Oriental vases make beautiful accent pieces. 

  Furniture in a teenage girl's bedroom with an oriental theme can be ornately oriental, or simple and basic.  Most furniture is usually low, and made from dark wood.  It can have elaborate carvings or just a simple, basic design.  Silk bedding in oriental designs is beautiful but if you can't afford that some silk covered pillows will work nicely.  You can buy bedding with oriental patterns for a futon or platform bed.  Bamboo or wicker baskets can keep some of your teen's things organized. 

  For lighting, choose oriental style lamps or some of the many varieties of lanterns, from traditional paper ones to silk.  Hanging lamps made from paper or other materials are also popular. 

  These are just a few ideas to help you and your teenager daughter get started on decorating her bedroom in an oriental theme.