Paper lanterns are going to be one of your least expensive design options. Usually this is something that you just find for parties. However, now it's really working its way right into interior design.

One way that you can really save a lot of money on your wedding budget is to go for paper lanterns for weddings. This can really be the focus of your entire tent. You might even be able to find battery operated versions. In this case this gives you a very modern look. It can look a little bit cheesy and youthful at times so sometimes it just makes a lot more sense to just go with one color. You don't need to mix in all of your wedding colors because this may remind you of a kids birthday party. Instead just stick with white lanterns by using a lot of them. These can be quite inexpensive pieces at times. You can even find them at the dollar store.

If you're going to use this in your home for your everyday decor, you really need to make sure that you take paper lanterns that can give you a very expensive look. Even if you just spend 30 or 50 dollars you can get a light fixture that really mimics this from IKEA. Right now a lot of sculptural elements are very popular for light fixtures. The downside to this is that oftentimes you have to assemble them yourself and it's kind of like a puzzle. You really want to make sure that you stick within your time allotment even if the material itself can seem quite inexpensive.

If you don't need to light them this can really serve as a decorative element in your room. You should follow proper safety precautions when using paper lanterns. A great way around this is just to use them as purely decorative elements. You can even bring this into a kids room because they are so inexpensive and just put a few of these in the corner of the space or suspend them from the ceiling. This allows you to mix and match a lot of vibrant colors such as pink and orange but still keep it very modern because of the shapes of the piece.

The other really great thing about paper lanterns is all of the textures that you can find. This can really mimic a handmade paper although this will be a little bit more expensive. You might want to try one of these lighting kits if you don't have any overhead lighting which is common in modern homes where recessed lighting reigns supreme.

You can also really change up the overall style. This is especially important if you want it to be quite funky. Right now star lanterns are very popular. They can have more of that Southwest design with bright floral patterns on it. This is going to be one of your more expensive options. However, you can hang several of these in your space. Plus it looks just as great when the light is turned off as when it is turned on.