Tabletop Christmas Trees Make Great Decorations

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The holiday season ushers in a lot to do. There are parties to plan, gifts to buy, holiday cards to sign and mail, the house and office to decorate, and the tree of course. You can’t skip the Christmas tree. Even when the budget is tight, you can get away with homemade presents, pop a family portrait into a handmade card, and decorate the house with the kids’ artwork, but you can’t skimp on the tree.

Make it a Fiber Optic Christmas

Many consider a live tree to be the ultimate holiday décor, but a small fiber optic Christmas tree can make a dazzling display on top of a table with a few mini ornaments accenting the lights. Artificial trees can sometimes be a hassle to assemble, but when you choose to turn your holiday into a fiber optic Christmas, you can bypass all the stress that comes with untangling the lights and sorting out the color-coded branches. You can also skip the shedding needles, constant watering, and time it takes to find the perfect shape.

Instead of taking a full evening of your time, the branches can be straightened and tree decorated in less than an hour. In fact, these small artificial trees are so easy to put together, you can set up a table in the corner of the living room, top it with some fake snow, and have your entire Christmas display up fairly quickly.

Mini trees would also look nice on a shelf, sitting on top of a solid oak bookcase, or you can group a few different sizes together with a couple of Santa figurines or other holiday figures to make a winter wonderland.

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Small fiber optic Christmas trees come in different sizes and styles that range from about 2-feet to 4-feet tall. Most styles are designed to be fully shaped, but they are compact enough to fit in an office, small living room, or child’s bedroom without much fuss.

Small modern styles, available at Amazon or through one of their extended websites, feature spiral shapes, twigs, flocked, and even pre-decorated varieties. Amazon also has a few options in decorated or un-decorated styles.

Costs vary depending on the manufacturer, size, and style, but if you’re short on funds, these trees are still affordable. For example, you can’t beat the Holiday Time 32” fiber optic trees available at Walmart for as little as $15. Although smaller than most artificial trees, they come in both green and white varieties with a gold or silver base.

If your budget allows for a larger, more spectacular choice, you can find some nice 3- to 4-foot trees online with multi-color or white lights and power controllers. These moderately priced options will allow you to toggle back and forth between various blinking patterns and colors. Some varieties even come with LED lights.

If you're looking for a way to cut energy costs, they use 10 times less energy than typical halogen lights. Yet, they are much brighter.

How Fiber Optics Work

When you choose to go with a standard artificial Christmas tree, you have to purchase and decorate it with your own lights. While these lights are now small enough to not be as much of a fire hazard as they used to be, they are still attractive to kids and pets. When you choose a fiber optic tree instead, you can eliminate the problem of burned out bulbs and touching toddlers because they have cool tubes of light built right into the tips of the branches.

Some styles use fiber optic clusters of needles, rather than pinpoints, for large groups of color. You can even find small trees that have fiber optic stars. While brilliant enough to be the captivating focal point of any room, they are particularly safe for autistic children, toddlers, and pets. They don’t slide off the tree and they never heat up.

Assembly is as simple as snapping them into the base, arranging the branches, and plugging them in. The base contains a light and a motor that turns a circulating plastic color wheel. The light shines through the wheel and up into the tree, resulting in a constant rotation of brilliant colors. If you enjoy turning out the room’s light, you can sit for hours and watch the lights run through a rainbow of colors.

Decorating Small Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

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Despite their small size, most tabletop Christmas trees leave you plenty of room for ornaments, ribbons, and fine-twined garlands. You can even find some great bargains at your local dollar store. If you purchase a Holiday Time 32” tree, a few Christmas bells, some toy-sized hand-carved ornaments, and pick up some miniature bulbs that match the rest of your Christmas décor, you’ll end up with an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree for less than $25.

At that price, you can afford to use it for a centerpiece on your holiday table, a festive window decoration, or a warm holiday welcome in an entryway. For a more decorative look, you can go with a little larger tree in a color that fits nicely with your holiday theme. Small artificial Christmas trees come in a wide variety of colors. You can find them in red, pink, purple, black, and white, as well as a traditional green.

While small trees are sturdy enough to support an angel or star, a larger tree enables you to take advantage of homemade decorations, such as cinnamon cookies cut into Christmas shapes, laminated pictures of the family, or fun paper cutouts. For a nice kitchen tree, you could even decorate it with cookie cutters or use a country-kitchen tree skirt. The beauty of a small fiber optic Christmas tree is their versatility and ability to fit into any sized space. With replaceable bulbs and easy storage, they quickly turn the Christmas spirit into something colorful and magical.