If you are living in a small studio apartment, you will need to think of inventive ways to not only decorate the studio apartment but to find creative ways to figure out your storage solutions.

When you consider the type of furniture that you need to invest in, you could produce a very comfortable living space and this can all be achieved on a very small budget.

If you are looking to furnish a small studio apartment the most important thing you need to consider is how to use the space effectively so that it does not feel cramped and cluttered. If you are living in a small space you have to learn about getting adequate storage so that everything has its place and does not spill out into your living area.

If your studio apartment comprises of a space where you are living in one room and this has to double up as your bedroom, you should look at getting versatile furniture pieces. It is always a great idea to try as hard as possible to spend your budget and invest in a good quality sofa bed so that you have a seating area during the day time and the furniture can be quickly and easily adapted when you are ready to sleep. You could think about getting a sofa that is mounted on wheels so that you can reposition it easily if you want to reconfigure the room differently.

If you need a desk to work at, look at tables that fold down at the sides. These are called butterfly tables as the sides are said to resemble wings just like a butterfly. This sort of table is the optimal type that is suitable for a studio apartment. The table can easily be placed along the side of one wall and you can use it with one side up if it is just you or you can fully extend it when you have more company. There are tables available that come with folding chairs which can be stored underneath the table legs. This is a great way to have extra seating without the clutter.

Another excellent idea for extra seating and a way to solve your storage problems is to get window seats custom made. This is particularly effective if you have bay windows as this can be an awkward space to fill with furniture. You could design a simple box seat and add colourful cushions for comfortable seating as well as having extra space to hide away any of your belongs that you don't want to have no show.

Do some research online to find out more information about how to decorate a small studio apartment on a small budget. You should be able to find more details about good storage solutions.

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