A navy blue sofa can be a design dilemma or a dream come true. This may be your favorite color. However, it's also a very bold furniture choice that most people don't see a lot. If you design the rest of your room correctly then this can really be a very stunning furniture choice.

If you decide to go with this color, go all out. This means that you should skip the dusty blues that look outdated or dirty right from the start. Instead go with a very saturated color that really brings in the richness that you love so much. A great thing about this color is that it works well with any wood pieces that you have in the room especially darker wood tonesh such as cherry or walnut.

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Modern Options

Navy Blue SofasCredit: Free Range StockThis was a color that was very popular a few decades ago but now can seem a little bit dated. Instead, you can make it modern and contemporary. You could even just get an old sectional and have it recovered in this fabric choice. The really great thing about this is that then you're going to get all of the genuine stainless steel accents which are still evocative of this design style.

Navy Blue Sofa

Decorating with a Navy Blue Sofa

Of course whenever you work with blue especially if you're going with stark lines on your furniture you need to make sure that it's extremely balanced. You'll need to find some feminine elements. A great way to this is with a plush fabrics such as a faux suede or even a velvet. If you go with an all masculine sofa then maybe you can bring in a more feminine armchair in the same color palette. Your chair can even have a pattern on it just to add a little bit of interest so that all the attention to the color is just on one piece in the space.

This also works wonderfully with a beach or updated modern country look. This is a very bold color that works really well with a lot of neutrals such as white or sands. You might be able to find a navy sofa with a stripe on it. This is going to be a little bit more dated in most design styles but if you really just give the rest of your room a light and airy appearance then this can actually be an accent which can save you a lot of money, especially if you already have one of these items in your room and just want to give it new life.

Retro Style

What Wall Color Does This Work With?

Now that you have a navy sofa you really need to pay attention to the wall behind it. Of course, there is always a little bit of an inclination to match the sofa and the wall color directly. However when you use dramatic colors this simply does not work. If you are going with something like a classic color scheme this will usually be a yellow. You might want to add a little bit more of a taupe color with a slight gold undertone just so that this doesn't seem like too much of a contrast.

Another wall color that you could use with this design style is a gray. This is perfect if you have slate or granite in your room because oftentimes these will incorporate a lot of different grays and blues together so this is going to give a reference back to nature. Whenever you relate color palettes back to nature it makes them very soothing and easy to live with and it's more gender neutral even if you are using very strong colors.

If you have a modern style sofa then be very daring with more of a chocolate brown. You could paint the rest of the walls a lighter taupe kind of color. Make sure that any of the wood pieces such as end tables or molding that you have in the room coordinate back with that chocolate brown tone.

Navy Sectional

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Beach Sofas

Another direction that you can take this is to go with more of a cotton kind of fabric in a very simple and traditional silhouette. Just the color is going to make enough of a statement. In this case, you can just keep the rest of the room pretty muted and then bring in traditional silver accents such as mirrors and canNavy Blue Sofa ArrangementCredit: Free Range Stockdlesticks. This is going to give a much more elegant appearance.

This color can also be a little bit subtle. It can have a little bit of gray to it so it almost looks like a charcoal. Gray is more of a neutral so this is a good compromise if you want this dramatic color but you still want it to be lasting. Then you can pair with almost any accent color that is out there even if you want to just use a brighter blue color.

This is also a way that you can incorporate pattern. Pair it with white and then look for a very formal kind of design style, which is going to mimic kind of the look of elegant china. Really this transferware usually comes in blue and white so this is going to be a traditional look but you'll be using it different than the expected way. This is also a fabric that you could use on your ottoman to really break it up quite a lot so that it doesn't seem like a dark hole in your room.

If you want a country kind of look or you're even using this on a sunroom then consider this fabric against a white wicker piece. This really gives you more of a beach inspired look and it can be very casual. The really great thing about white wicker is that it's fairly easy to clean as opposed to white fabric. Then you can bring a darker color in on decorations and since these pieces are often removable it's very easy to change out when you are sick of the color. Then you can decorate the rest of the room in star fish motifs or a more elegant capiz seashell.

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