Decorating Ideas for Bookshelves

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Coming up with decorating ideas for bookshelves can be a challenge for many. However, with a few decorating tips and a bit of imagination, bookshelves are an ideal way to add color and personality to any room. You can even transform old bookshelves into designer-like pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for decorating ideas for bookshelves, here are some tips.

Decorate Bookshelves with Paint

Interior designers suggest painting bookshelves to match the trim in the room. Matching the unit to the trim gives the unit a built-in appearance and a fresh new look. This is a practical way to recycle old bookshelves that you have in the garage or that you find at garage sales.

Wallpaper the Bookshelves' Backing

Remove the bookshelf backing and apply wallpaper. Choose wallpaper that incorporates the colors in your interior decor. Use tacks, small nails or staples to attach the backing.

Arranging Bookshelves

Position two or more units side-by-side to create a wall unit. Another option is to place a small unit between two high bookshelf units. Place a green plant or vase on the small unit, and hang a picture or mirror above it.

Additional Decorating Ideas for Bookshelves

  • Accessorize the bookshelves. Create picture groupings of 3 to 5 picture frames. Use frames of different sizes for a stylish look.
  • Stagger books on the shelves. Lay a few books on their side and place a picture, candle or figurine on top.
  • Liven up the presentation with green plants.
  • Use picture easels to decorate the bookshelves with art.
  • Utilize wreath/hat boxes for storage, while decorating the bookshelves. Coordinate the color of the hat boxes with the color on the bookshelves’ backing. Hat boxes generally come in sets of three. Arrange the group from largest to smallest. Tie a ribbon around the three boxes, and create a bow at the top.
  • Add elegance to your bookshelves with candleholders. Arrange a group of three candles of different sizes. Use ornate candleholders for a traditional style, or use bright colors for a casual, whimsical look.

Bookshelves, paint, wallpaper and accessories are a cost-effective way to add color, style and personality to any room. Moreover, decorated bookshelves can give any room an updated appearance.

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