Christmas posters are a way to add in artwork quite inexpensively. This is important because you'll probably want to change it out for the holidays. This is also a no fuss kind of design style that can match some of the other prints that you have in your space. It's perfect to just decorate a teenager's room for the holidays or you might just use it in a very contemporary kind of living space. I like investing in one elegant piece for a living room instead of just trying to decorate with smaller decor that can seem like clutter.




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The subject matter is also an important consideration. You probably are going to want to go with a vintage inspired print. This is going to feature very picturesque illustrations such as a holiday village.

You might want to just decorate for winter instead of Christmas because this is something that you can use for several months. In this case look for posters of snow or outdoor sleigh rides. This can be a very enduring design style and also ensures that you get a unique look because you won't just be choosing from the same few holiday specific prints that everyone else will be.

This can also be specific to the room. For instance if you are decorating a family room or a TV room you may want to with a movie poster. Look for old movie posters of your favorite holiday hit that are going to continue to a family tradition.

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One of the most important considerations that you can make for Christmas posters is the frame. Just a basic black poster frame can seem a little bit cheesy. You might want to instead go with a more ornate gold frame. This can be quite expensive but you might be able to find a large piece at a thrift store that you can transform into a poster frame. You can always cut the piece if it's really inexpensive to fit the frame. You can even add in a burgundy or green mat to really tie in with the holidays. Then you can use the metallic frames throughout the rest of the year just with a different mat and print.

You can also have a lot of fun just by going with traditional colors. For instance, you might be able to find a poster full of evergreen trees. They don't necessarily have to be Christmas trees but bringing in that rich green color is really going to add a homey touch to your room. You can even use this artwork year round. You could even go to one of your favorite vacation spots to take these kinds of prints and then have it turned into a poster for a sentimental kind of meaning. You might just want to take a few of the pieces of artwork that were hanging in your grandmothers home around the holiday times and frame these out in similar frames and create a collage effect. Really the holidays are all about being sentimental and you can still turn it into an actual design element.

Another framing option would be to go with silver. In this case you want to go with the least ornate style with just very simple lines. This can incorporate any stainless steel appliances or accessories that you have in your room and it's going to be very contemporary looking.