Christmas prints are a way to add artwork into your home. It's a chance to really get home decor quite inexpensively. These pieces are so large that may just need one or two of them to add a holiday touch to a room. This is great if you have a lot of floral prints in your space that distracts from the theme. You can really use the same frame but get a totally different look just by changing out your artwork, which is going to add a lot more versatility.

This doesn't have to be expensive. In fact you could just create a collection of some of your favorite family photos. Another option would be to just frame wrapping paper in oversized frames. You could get a patchwork effect just by cutting out different squares for a country kind of look. You could also just frame really beautiful foil pieces for a more simplistic or a modern kind of design aesthetic.

If you have smaller Christmas prints find ways to make them look more important so that it gets noticed. One way to do this would be just to frame out a lot of different Christmas cards for practically free artwork. It's also a way to really keep track of some of your relatives more beautiful handcrafted creations. You can also just use a series of mats instead of just one to really give a larger presence to smaller pieces so that they do get noticed on the wall.

Another option for Christmas prints is just to go with beautiful picturesque scenes. Often times these focus on snow covered villages. This works very well with the traditional design style. You can also really draw your inspiration from the print for the rest of your decor. You could even go with a flocked Christmas tree and then just very traditional glass ball ornaments. This can really be the focal point of your entire room so make sure that it has plenty of lighting and an oversized frame.

Another way that you can bring these items into your room is just to make them very personal. You might want to just blow up a few of your favorite family holiday photos. You can also have a picture taken just for the occasion. Make it whimsical by dressing the whole family in cheesy holiday sweaters or just basic Santa hats.

This can also be a craft project that you create yourself. You could just freehand a whimsical looking snowman for a folk art kind of look. You could even just give your kids a little bit of an artistic boost just by upgrading their paint as well as their basic papers to a real canvas to really get a whimsical look that's also very personal to your space.

Another really inexpensive option is just to whip out your digital camera. Then you can take pictures of your tree or even a gingerbread house. It all just depends on what the holidays mean to you and what's important to you at this time of year. Oftentimes these photos just end up in scrapbooks but really by going with more artistic macro shots you can display it on the walls.