Copper vessel sinks can be the focal point of your bathroom. It combines modern design with an Old World feeling. Vessel sinks are a pretty new design but copper has been around forever. Here are a few tips for picking and decorating with copper vessel sinks.

Save money by going with a glass sink instead. You might be afraid of the wear and tear on a copper sink. Most of these fixtures have already been aged. Plus, a copper sink can cost more than $500. It makes a big impact in the room so it may be worth it. You might even have to double the cost if you have a double vanity. A good way to save money is by going with a glass vessel sink that just looks like copper. You can find these with a variety of foil and paint for only half of the cost.

Carry the high end feeling throughout the room. You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate around a high end item but you want to make sure that everything else in the room coordinates. Know exactly what you need and what comes included with the sink. Some might not have all the hardware that's needed or you'll need to order it separately.

Find a sink that looks like a bowl. This is especially indicative of Spanish or Tuscan styles. This will give you an Old World feel because your sink will look like someone just set a beautiful platter on the table. You can also find sinks with a hammered finish if you want a more casual feeling. Bring in oil rubbed bronze fixtures and a vanity with character. You can even distress the wood on your existing vanity and add new handles and hinges if you are on a budget. Make the rest of the room look like it has been around for a long time but still has elegance to it.

Copper vessel sinks can also transition into more casual design styles. If you want a Southwest feel then find a mirror frame made out of a pressed metal or mosaic. This will create a focal point in your room and the height will help draw attention to your new sink. You might even want to add a backsplash behind the sink to really give it a dramatic look.

Copper vessel sinks add warmth and high style to any room. These decorations won't be around forever so you'll want to budget appropriately. You may need to get an entire new sink or vanity when you get sick of the fad, but until then you'll be on the cutting edge.