You probably make Christmas cookies as a holiday tradition. It can be one of those cherished memories that your kids and grandkids look back on for years to come. However, you can use the same idea at Easter time. After all, you might not have a lot of events planned and decorating cookies with the kids is always fun and inexpensive although a little bit messy. Here are a few ideas for Easter cookies.

Bring out the cookie cutters. If you don't know how to bake it's really not a problem. Some refrigerated cookie dough works really well with simple cookie cutters. Look for fun spring shapes like birds. You might even have some lids in oval shapes that you could use as a free cookie cutter. This will simulate an egg which is a fun background for all kinds of decoration.

Keep it simple. You could decorate the cookies easily just by using one solid color on each cookie. An entire platter of these will look festive and fun. Plus you could just use an icing bag to add simple stripes or dots. This will look more chic and give a very finished result.

Turn them into a centerpiece. This could double as dessert, decoration and even party favors. It's a very festive and fun way to decorate that is great for kids or even adults. A lot of the gift basket companies sell cookies on skewers inside terra cotta pots for a flower arrangement you can eat. You can do the same thing yourself. You could also make an Easter tree with twigs and then hang the cookies from them like you would at Christmas time. For more of a natural inspired centerpiece keep the twigs natural and use a muted color palette. If you want your table to scream spring then paint the twigs a bright white and bring in a lot of fun cookie shapes.

You might be at a loss as to what to do on Easter. Baking cookies is one step. You can also share the wealth. Take the treats around to neighbors, friends and family to celebrate the holiday and help brighten other people's day. Plus it ensures that you don't eat all of the treats yourself and gives you the opportunity to teach your children about giving.

Change up the colors of icing. The great thing about Easter is that you get to experiment with a lot of pastel colors. If you are decorating these items with kids then you probably want to keep things pretty basic with green, pink, blue and yellow. If this is a project that you are doing yourself then you can really experiment with a lot of different colors. You can make any item look chic just by using a more sophisticated color. You could go for a hot pink icing or try mustard yellow. Greens and blues with more grayish tones in them will seem more natural. This is also a way to change up your tradition from year to year.