When you first think of a pink bedroom you may think "No Thanks". Even if you are a girl you might not want to be the cliché frilly girl. This doesn't mean that you still can't bring in feminine hues that will make a big impact. It doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy all new furniture or that you envision yourself as Barbie. You can create sophisticated spaces that will fit with your lifestyle. You can vary the shades depending on your decorating sense. Pink is a soft color which means that it's good for slumber but it can also have a cheery aspect to it.

You might have some trouble selling your partner on the idea that you need a pink bedroom. One way to counteract this is to go with a modern or contemporary style. Keep all the walls white and then paint the main focal wall a deep fuchsia. Add in intricate paper lanterns on your bedside tables. Keep the rest of the room looking sleek with low furniture with clean lines. This furniture is also inexpensive so you can get a new bedroom set on a budget. Bring in white sculptures and modern art. You can just use a basic white comforter or sheet set on the bed. Another option for a contemporary bedroom using these shades is just to bring it in as an accent such as opulent silk throw pillows on the bed and a hot pink lamp on the nightstand. That way he can feel like he can just hide a few items if anyone comes over to visit but you can still get the look you're going for.

Pink is the standard color for nurseries but that doesn't mean that it has to be predictable. Keep things bright but lend an air of sophistication by installing rectangular white moldings on the wall. This will break up the pink and also lend a French air for the most sophisticated baby on the block. You can either go with the classic baby pink or then mix it up with a chocolate brown furniture or a black crib for balance. You also might want to try a softer rose pink that has more gray tones. Sure everyone has probably seen a pink nursery before but they might not have seen a nursery like this. Decorate with Eiffel tower prints. You might even be able to hot glue roses to the outside of a lampshade as long as it is out of babies reach. Use the same size, color, and type of bloom for continuity. You can make a simple cornice box covered in black and white toile fabric. Pink doesn't have to be overly frilly or feminine. Use it to create soothing areas where everyone is comfortable.

One of the keys to decorating with pink is that you need to break it up. It's not like when you were four years old and when you thought "What goes with a pink bedroom?" you answered "More pink". You need to balance the room so it doesn't look like a bottle of peptobismal. For a princess room try a simple white canopy over the bed. Paint mismatched furniture white so it looks like a bedroom set and then bring in lots of sparkle. This can be in the form of mirrors or crystal chandeliers. You don't have to match pink with purple, look for a bolder color for a more unpredictable effect.

Pink bedrooms are of course ideal for teens or preteens. She might want a grown up room but you may be wishing that she'd stay little just awhile longer. You can compromise by doing an elegant rose look or decorating with funky magenta. Find sophisticated Queen Anne style furniture at thrift stores or garage sales and paint it a sleek black or chocolate brown. Bring in a cozy faux fur rug for that funky feeling. Instead of floral wallpaper use a more modern approach. You might want to put black and white damask wallpaper on just one wall so the pattern doesn't overwhelm the room. This keeps both the pink and the wallpaper from becoming too country. You can even include zebra striped bedding for over the top fun.

When you think of a pink bedroom you may envision your nightmare childhood room of kitschy country decorations and eyelet lace. You can still have a sophisticated country room that functions for all age types. Go for a shabby chic look. Stick with just one floral print, in one place, in the room. Then balance it with solids and stripes. Make your furniture look antique with a distressed paint finish and antique glass knobs. Then you can just accessorize with worn silver or botanical prints.

Since pink is a fashionable color you can keep up with the trends but just change out a few items when it's no longer cutting edge. Warm up the floor with a geometric throw rug that has splashes of bright colors like orange or purple. Again, use taupe, black or chocolate brown neutrals to create a calming space that is still livable. A little pink goes along way because it's a color that people have a strong relationship with whether it's love or hate.

A coral bedroom can be a good compromise if you just can't seem to get the pink bedroom of your dreams. Coral bedding can help liven up a basic dorm room or apartment. This tone seems to have a lot of peach or orange in it. Since you'll actually need to sleep in this bedroom use the brighter colors sparingly. Bring in simple wood and rattan furniture that has a dark stain for a tropical feel. Add in a splash of color with floor to ceiling silk coral drapes that lend opulence and color to the room at the same time.

You don't have to discriminate against or even be afraid of pink bedrooms. Bring this color onto items that you can easily change out without breaking the bank if there ends up being a conflict with the pink bedroom.