Many years ago Christmas was all about the decorations. It wasn't overly focused on shopping and presents. It wasn't about running to the mall and shopping on EBay to buy the latest craze. Christmas was very much about how pretty the tree was, the glow of the vintage Christmas lights and the beautiful ornaments. 

The fireplace was a central part of vintage Christmas decorating. Pine roping was hung on the mantle, Christmas cards were strung on ribbons, beautiful candelabras were used in the windows and metal tinsel was draped to reflect the pretty lights. Christmas in the old days seemed to have a gentle glow about it. Somehow it looked prettier, seemed softer and gave more atmosphere to the Christmas holiday spirit.

The nostalgic feeling of Christmas past is something that can be recaptured today by decorating with old vintage decorations. You can't just walk into a store and buy vintage Christmas lights or vintage Christmas decorations unless they're replicas but you can find authentic vintage Christmas items if you know where to look for collectible items such as these. You can often find deals on Ebay when people are selling vintage decorations from granny's attic. Many times I have happened upon vintage ornaments and lights such as bubble lights or flame bulbs at estate sales or even at garage sales. You just have to keep your eye open.

If you want to use vintage Christmas decorations this year to decorate your home, start looking for these items as soon as possible:

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  • Vintage Christmas ornaments such as Shiny Brite brands or those that were hand painted in Poland. Usually they are glass and may have indented sides, have a mica finish with pictures and have varied shapes. Vintage Christmas ornaments can also be found made of plastic or even paper from Japan.

  • A popular vintage Christmas item is the silver aluminum Christmas tree which often is paired with a color wheel.

  • Vintage Christmas lights such as Noma bubble lights are very nostalgic. The liquid in the center bubbles as the light heats up. Bubble lights are very collectible.

  • Plastic reindeer and vintage Santa figures are also items that you can add to your vintage Christmas decorations.

If you want to give your Christmas a nostalgic theme this year, try decorating even just one room with Christmas items from the past. Maybe you have a den or sitting room that you can give that vintage atmosphere. This will enable you to enjoy a little bit of Christmas past and enjoy celebrating the holidays a little bit more.