Bathroom wall cabinets really provide you with a lot of storage, but they usually aren't the most stylish fixture that you're going to have in your space. Usually, it will just be in the same finish as your vanity or it could even just be in a totally mismatched design style. However, you can incorporate this into your overall theme or you can just make sure that it really disappears.

One of the larger systems that you're going to come across in the space is going to be a vintage linen closet. This can even be a floor to ceiling cabinet that gives you plenty of room for all of your towels. They can really dominate the space. Depending on your organizational skills you may be able to just take off the doors completely and use it as open shelving. However, you may need to invest in a lot of brighter towels. Baskets will help you to hide all of your toiletries.

The great thing about white bathroom wall cabinets is that it's going to match a lot of your trim work and your tile. It can even give you a cottage effect if you paint your walls a pale blue or use lavender. Anytime you juxtapose the pastel tones against a basic white tone it's really going to be very evocative of the cottage design style. It's going to be a more subtle theme and then it's going to also add a lot more cohesion in the room instead of just sticking out as being purely utilitarian.

You might want to coordinate your bathroom wall cabinets with the rest of your theme. For instance, you can find a lot of pieces that have shuttered drawer fronts on them. This is going to be more casual and also works very well with the country or the beach style. This is one of the few ways to do the country look that's going to be gender neutral. In this case it can even really work in a shabby chic kind of style just because it probably will be white.

You can also go for a very vintage effect with this. In this case, you could try hanging a series of white mirrored medicine cabinets. This provides you with plenty of storage space for smaller items. However, since this is such a staple item repeating it several times or using several different styles while bringing in a true vintage piece gives it a lot more character.

In addition to your basic wall cabinets we are also seeing a lot more bathroom shelving. This can really coordinate back with your cabinets but it can also be entirely different. It can even have bead board backing on it. It can almost mimic the top of a hutch. This is going to be for just decorative display but you might be able to roll up a few of your washcloths and really get a little bit of extra storage as well.